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Dirt in the Cooperative | Fun

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Dirt in the Cooperative |  Fun

The mother of Teodora Džehverović experienced a shock during a routine visit to the Cooperative

Source: Zadruga official

Clogged sink, piles of garbage in the living room, bathroom full of scumbags… they have become a standard in the Cooperative every time Gordana Džehverović arrives at the property, which was described as “magnificent and luxurious” at the beginning of the reality show.

There is nothing left of the luxury, the participants do not maintain the hygiene of the rooms they stay in, and this time they exceeded the measure, because they left the quilt, “on which someone made love”, on the wet floor of the bathroom that everyone uses.

Check out the dirt pics:

From the door, Gordana screamed that they were all cattle, when she saw the dirty table where they were sitting and eating, and then got a shock. “It stinks like dirt in here,” shouted Džehverovića.

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Goca Džehverović
Source: YouTube/ Zadruga Official

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