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Discover what tarot cards reveal about love – MONDO MODA

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Discover what tarot cards reveal about love – MONDO MODA

What does the loving future hold for us? Is it possible to answer this question? Yes, interpreting Tarot cards. For Yara Vieira, esoteric consultant at Astrocentro, each letter is like a window into the complexity of human relationships, offering deep insights, paths and revelations that can guide our emotional journey, and clarify emotional doubts.

How it works?

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The expert explains that the interpretation of tarot cards in the context of love involves combining the traditional meanings of the cards with the emotions and dynamics related to feelings.

“Start by examining the letter in relation to the specific question or situation. Consider the symbols, colors, and facial expressions in the card images, as well as the position of the card (upright or inverted). Connect these elements to the emotions, choices and challenges that may be present in love issues”, he summarizes.

With this, check out what each tarot card means in the context of love, highlighted by the Astrocentro consultant.

The Fool – New beginnings, fresh energy, adventure in love
At the beginning of the love journey, “The Fool” emerges as a sign of new beginnings. With the audacity of someone venturing into unknown territory, this card brings with it a fresh and exciting energy. However, like love, the Fool is full of potential and unpredictability, inviting us to embrace adventure with an open heart.

The Empress – Abundance, emotional nutrition, maternal connection
“The Empress” personifies emotional abundance and the nourishing power of love. As the mother who cares and nurtures, she represents the maternal connection that sustains and strengthens relationships. Furthermore, this card is an invitation to explore the deep emotional richness that can be shared between lovers, creating an environment of security and warmth.

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The Emperor – Stability, security, power in relationships
When “The Emperor” enters the scene, he brings with him the promise of stability and security in relationships. It personifies power and authority, offering a solid foundation on which to build lasting bonds. This card reminds us that love is both an emotional connection and a search for mutual strength and stability.

The Lovers – Love, choices, union of opposites
Representing the very core of love, “Os Enamorados” symbolize the choice and union of opposites. This card portrays the crucial moments of decision in love, where choosing to surrender is a journey towards harmony and balance. At the same time, she highlights the duality that often permeates relationships, uniting contrasting forces in an emotional dance.

Justice – Balance, reasoned decisions, responsibility
At the heart of many relationships, “Justice” brings to light the importance of balance. As an impartial arbiter, she highlights the need for informed and responsible decisions, both towards others and towards oneself. Furthermore, this card reminds us that true love is built on solid foundations and mutual commitment.

The Star – Hope, inspiration, renewal of love
Amid the dark nights of love life, “A Estrela” emerges as a beacon of hope. It brings with it the promise of inspiration and renewal, reminding us that the light of love is always present, even in the most challenging situations. This card invites us to believe in possibilities and seek divine guidance on our love journey.

The Moon – Intuition, mystery, emotional illusions
In the dark corners of the loving psyche, “The Moon” casts its silver light on the waters of intuition. She reveals the deepest mysteries of relationships, but also warns about emotional illusions that can obscure the truth. Furthermore, this card reminds us that love often transcends tangible reality and invites us to explore the hidden corners of the soul.

The Sun – Joy, clarity, love success
When “The Sun” shines in our readings, it radiates joy and clarity about relationships. As a symbol of romantic success, this card reminds us of the radiant happiness that can be found in sharing our lives with someone special. She encourages us to embrace the moments of light that illuminate our loving path.

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Death – Transformation, end of a loving cycle
In a love cycle, “Death” represents a journey of transformation. Just as the end of winter gives way to spring, this card symbolizes the closing of a chapter to begin a new one. However, she invites us to embrace change with courage and to accept that, sometimes, love will lead us down unexpected paths.

Temperance – Harmony, patience, emotional balance
Temperance” is the voice of harmony in relationships, highlighting the importance of patience and emotional balance. She reminds us that love is a process of mixing the right ingredients calmly and moderately, creating a fluid and harmonious connection between partners.

The Devil – Desires, intense passions, complex bonds
When “The Devil” enters the scene, he invites us to explore the depths of our desires and passions. This card embodies the burning fire of attraction and the complexities inherent in loving bonds. She reminds us that love is not simple, often involving internal struggles and external challenges.

The Tower – Sudden changes, revelations, release of patterns
“Sudden changes” is the essence of the card “The Tower”. In love, it can indicate the fall of standards and the release of relationships that no longer serve us. Although it can be frightening, this card carries with it the promise of rebirth after the storm, making room for new possibilities.

The Hermit – Reflection, self-knowledge, need for solitude
Meanwhile, when “The Hermit” emerges, he invites us to turn inward and reflect on our relationships and our own being. This card symbolizes the search for self-knowledge and the need for solitude to find answers within ourselves. She reminds us that the inner journey is crucial to building true relationships.

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The Wheel of Fortune – Cyclical changes, destiny in love
In the constant dance of relationships, “The Wheel of Fortune” represents the cyclical changes that shape our destiny in love. This card reminds us that, like the seasons, relationships go through phases of growth, decline and renewal. She encourages us to embrace change as a natural part of the journey.

The Judgment – ​​Self-evaluation, reconciliation, emotional rebirth
At the end of the love journey, “The Judgment” emerges as a call for self-evaluation and reconciliation. This card invites us to look back, evaluate our choices and embrace emotional transformation. Representing an emotional rebirth, she reminds us that each love experience shapes who we become.

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