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Do you want to run catering in the summer’s most visited area?

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Do you want to run catering in the summer’s most visited area?

Larvik municipality hereby announces the rental of the Tollgarasjen (Pica Pica) for catering operations (food and drink). The serving area includes the building as well as the current outdoor dining area.

This area in Indre havn needs new drivers, starting no later than 15 June this year.

The annual operating period must be at least from May to September, and the start of the current year must be 15 June 2024 at the latest.

When choosing a tenant/driver, emphasis will be placed, among other things, on quality, execution ability and experience/references.

Interested parties are asked to register [email protected], no later than 11 March 2024. The notification should contain a simple concept for the catering operation. Questions can be directed to project developer Ingerid Heggelund at [email protected] or on 98231646.

Heggelund hopes that the unique location in Indre havn can contribute to stakeholders signing up.

No area in Larvik city beats Indre havn for the number of people during the summer.

– Urban space counts we have done show that this area has the greatest traffic of people in the whole city of Larvik in the summer, says Heggelund.

– Who should apply to operate catering here?

– We are looking for someone who is a bit forward-leaning, has guts and manages to get something going before the summer, she says.

Heggelund was central when in 2023 the municipality took the initiative to convert the car park next to Pica Pica into outdoor dining, with 4-5 food carts standing around. The plans here for the summer of 2024 have not yet been decided.

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– We are thinking of equipping the area so that it appears as nice as it can be until the season starts. Whether there will be food trucks again this year depends a bit on who comes to the Tollgarasjen, and what they can offer, she says.

The municipality basically wants the drivers in question to be able to offer both food and drink to the guests, although it is not an absolute requirement.

– We do not have high expectations of what the food service should be, because there is a limit to what can be done in the premises we offer. The main attraction is the outdoor area, the location and the view. And then we hope that the person concerned wants to achieve something together with the municipality, says Heggelund.

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