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Dodik about Kavazović | Info

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Dodik about Kavazović |  Info

The President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, proposed to Husein Kavazović to finally register the Islamic Religious Community in BiH as a party and openly say that his program is political Islam, so that we can be clear about who we are dealing with.

Source: Borislav Zdrinja/Srna

“It makes no sense to hide behind a religious organization, and behave like a politician and, soon, like a military leader. No church in Bosnia and Herzegovina interferes in political life, and we expect the same from the Islamic religious community,” Dodik told Srna.

When asked by Srna to comment on the announcement of the Islamic Religious Community in BiH, in which they stated that “peace is not threatened by Kavazović, but by Milorad Dodik”, the President of Srpska emphasized that instead of an apology, which is the least that would be appropriate after Husein Kavazović’s statements, the Islamic Religious Community in BiH continues to promote intolerance more and more aggressively, endangering peace.

“This only confirms that my assessments of Husein Kavazović’s actions are correct. Being a religious leader and generally mentioning weapons in the context of the conflict is reprehensible and questionable,” Dodik pointed out.

He emphasized that, encouraged by the support of the American ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Michael Murphy from the Islamic community, they continue with inappropriate rhetoric and write announcements that do not differ from party ones.


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