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Donald Trump indicted for secret papers found in Mar-a-Lago: “Today is a dark day for America”. Seven counts of indictment

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Donald Trump indicted for secret papers found in Mar-a-Lago: “Today is a dark day for America”.  Seven counts of indictment

“I was indicted” for the secret papers at Mar-a-Lago. The announcement of Donald Trump arrives with a post on his social Truth amid the silence of the Justice Department and special prosecutor Jack Smith investigating the former US president. For the tycoon – who will have to appear in the Miami court on Tuesday – this is the second indictment in a few months, after the one for the payment to the porn star Stormy Daniels. And above all a historic first: he becomes the first former president in American history to face charges at the federal level.

From his fort in Bedminster, New Jersey, surrounded by his political advisers and while his lawyers try to understand what the accusations are against him, Trump has launched serious accusations by leaking his anger. “Today is a dark day for America“, he wrote describing himself as an “innocent man”. The first posts were then followed by a four-minute video in which the former president addressed his supporters. “They go against a popular president” with the “box hoax. This is interference in elections at the highest level. I am an innocent man. They want to destroy my reputation because they want to win the election,” Trump denounced.

Seven charges have been formalized: among these there is that of the unauthorized conservation of classified documents (provided for by the Espionage Act), conspiracy, false statements, obstruction of justice, as reported by his lawyer, Jim Trusty. Federal accusations that throw the United States – observes the New York Times – into an unprecedented situation given that Trump “is not only a former president but he is also the front runner in the Republican nomination in the 2024 elections who could have to face Joe Biden, the whose administration is now seeking to indict him.”

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The investigation into Trump’s secret papers began in 2021 when the National Archives noted that the former president had not turned over all of his papers upon leaving the White House. At first, in January of last year, Trump returned 15 boxes of over 200 classified documents. Urged to do so, Trump’s staff later returned another 30 documents and a letter guaranteeing that upon a thorough search this was all that had turned up. But the FBI was in possession of information that there were other classified documents in Trump’s possession and therefore obtained a warrant for the search of the Mar-a-Lago residence, which took place at the beginning of last August. On that occasion, they had been found more than a hundred other classified and top secret documents. Special Counsel Jack Smith was appointed in November to oversee the investigation into the documents and into Trump’s actions following his 2020 election loss to stay in office. A dispute started which then resulted in the FBI search in Mar-a-Lago last year and, now, in the indictment.

The White House does not comment on the allegations, thus maintaining the line of silence espoused by Joe Biden: for the president the match is particularly delicate, given that he is in the midst of the electoral campaign for 2024. The Republican candidates for the nomination are silent for now, as is the party. The first hot comments among conservatives come from the former president’s loyalists, who defend him staunchly and say they are ready to do battle.

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