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Don’t wear TNF on the bad street anymore. These 3 brands of down jackets are more worth buying. Down jackets | fashion | trend_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Don’t wear TNF on the bad street anymore. These 3 brands of down jackets are more worth buying. Down jackets | fashion | trend_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Original Title: Don’t wear bad street TNF anymore, these 3 brands of down jackets are more worth buying 2.0

Author: Du Shaofei DUSHAOFEI

This winter, you won’t be the warm boy who welded the ‘North Face’ down jacket to your body! Then don’t blame the hot girls in the city for walking around you~

When the cold north wind started to smack my face randomly again, I knew the street would be the ocean of ‘The North Face – North’ soon.

From schools to nightclubs, the brothers are a bit of a blur in ‘All North’ street scenes. On a winter night, my girlfriend and I can’t tell the difference between you and ‘that guy’ by looking at your back.

  When men dress, what they fear most is homogenization and bad streets.

Although the authentic Beimian is good, it is difficult to tell the real from the fake among the large and small red, black, purple and brown labels. Maybe everyone who is awesome at 4500 will be blown away by others at 450.

Today, I will introduce three brands that are as professional and comfortable as ‘The North Face – North Face’, so as to provide some inspiration for your next shopping trip.

Like the North Face, ‘Descente’ has its origins in skiing. Whether your need is to check in at the ski resort on weekends, or simply need a warm and strong down jacket, Descente is not to be missed.

After all, the word ‘Descente’ itself means ‘downhill’ in French, and the brand’s iconic arrow logo represents three basic skiing techniques: ‘high-speed straight downhill’, ‘crossing’ and ‘side sliding’.

In 2015, the eve of entering the Chinese market, the brand has accumulated 80 years of history.

In 1935, Mr. ‘TAKEO ISHIMOTO – Ishimoto’s man’ established the Ishimoto men’s clothing retail store, which is the predecessor of today’s Descente.

The take-off of this store is due to the rise of skiing: in 1954, when skiing was far from popular, Mr. Ishimoto had the foresight to invite Kazuyoshi Nishimura, Japan’s first professional skier, as a consultant for the brand.

  Nobody knows skiwear better than skiers.

With the advice of professional athletes, Descente also began to “take off” in the ski field: from the advent of Descente’s first draping ski suit in the 1970s, to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics ski resort, Descente has been around for a long time Appeared in the Olympic Games. In addition to the Japanese team, Descente has served in Spain, Switzerland and other multinational alpine ski teams.

In addition, there is nothing wrong with wearing Descente for outdoor adventures: in the 1980s, the Japanese Everest expedition team wore Descente’s down jackets.

  However, we generally don’t play so professionally, and we don’t bother to buy Olympic hair for the trip out to play.

This is about mentioning their “ALLTERAIN – High-end Functional All-Terrain Series” based on “Mizusawa Suit”.

Originally born in 2008, ‘Mizusawa Clothing’ is famous for its beauty and waterproofness. Now it has a variety of technological buffs, and it can be called the star of the brand. What is bloated, ugly, airtight, is not a problem.

  There are three things I fear most in winter wear: bloated, bloated, or bloated.

From childhood to adulthood, going out in winter has always been something that people resist. There are no other reasons, except for the cold, and the embarrassment of being forced to dress like a toad.

Those who are tall are fine, but if their legs are not long enough, they will inevitably disappear from the crowd and become a little bun with a blurred face and difficulty in moving.

However, the streamlined silhouette design of ‘Mizusawa Clothes’ firstly solved the problem of bloated down jackets: this design was originally designed for quick drainage and moisture resistance, but it is also surprisingly inclusive, not only will not over-inflate due to down filling, but also can It accommodates all kinds of figures to the greatest extent, and further modifies the body curve.

In this way, even if the lower body is only matched with the most basic denim or overalls, you are not afraid of the horizontal imbalance of body proportions.

The joy of being able to wear a down jacket in the twelfth lunar month of winter is believed to be understood by all the gentlemen, but the pain of limited limb movement is always accompanied by it, so I have to mention Descente’s tailoring technology:

Their unique SIO tailoring technology just solves the problem of the down jacket’s stiff shape and hindering movement.

With the blessing of this technology, the clothes can be more fitted to the natural shape of the human body while the amount of sewing is greatly reduced. The coat not only has fewer seams, but also less hindrance to body movements.

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As the facade of a garment, the importance of fabric is self-evident, especially for a winter coat.

The origin of ‘Mizusawa Clothes’ lies in its waterproof fabric and the matching hot-melt adhesive process-with the combination of these two, since then his down jacket has been completely waterproof without down drilling.

Think of the sneezing that was held in the collar of the down jacket because of the fluff, and you will know how practical and necessary this technique is.

Now, the Mizusawa down jacket in the ‘ALLTERAIN – High-end functional all-terrain series’ has gone a step further, with the blessing of top Dermizax® and HEAT NAVI® fabrics.

Dermizax® fabric originated from Descente’s cooperation with TORAY Group in 2005, and was used in the ski suits at that time. It can not only achieve 20,000mm rainstorm level waterproof, but also have a breathability index of 20,000g/m²/24h No problem.

  Whether it’s in Tieling, where the goose feathers are falling heavily, or in the south of the wet and cold Yangtze River, even if the cold icy rain has hit your face, you can stand up your collar and dry quickly.Dermizax® fabric has its own unique three-layer lamination structure to cope with different harsh climates:The outer layer is waterproof, and the inner layer is moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking. In short, it will not get wet easily.

In addition, this kind of fabric is visually smooth and moist, and the texture alone is different. Although it looks low-key at first glance when you walk in the crowd, you are not afraid that girls will not see you who are gentle and tasteful.

In addition to fabrics and silhouettes, Descente’s special feature lies in the mutual cooperation of the ‘three brothers’.

One is the Para-hood parachute system cap that can be operated with one hand. When traveling in rainy and snowy weather in winter, it is inevitable that the neck will suffer first. At this time, it is even more inconvenient to carry a bag or an umbrella in your hand. The Para-hood that can be operated with one hand can greatly reduce the trouble of arranging the hat.

The second is the Dualzip sandwich ventilation zipper system to facilitate the wearer to wick away sweat and moisture in time.

I believe that the old men who live in the north will have this experience: every winter when central heating is used, the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors will increase sharply. Frequently going in and out of indoors and outdoors, or running around in the city, it is common to be covered in thick coats and sweat all over. , and the consequences of sweat and moisture not being discharged in time may be very dangerous.

In mild cases, you may catch a cold and feel that the clothes are “colder and colder”. In extreme cases, it may cause the body to lose temperature, leading to irreparable consequences. This small mesh zipper may come in handy at this time.

The third is the BOA tightening system, which can adjust the tightness with one button. This system can be said to be the gospel for drawstring victims. To adjust the tightness of clothing, you no longer need to fumble for drawstrings around your body, and you will no longer have the embarrassment of being caught by door handles.

In addition to the classic ‘Mizusawa clothing’, the series also includes Mizusawa down pants and ALLTERRAIN X SUICOKE waterproof down boots, which use the same technology, to help you survive the cold winter in one stop.

In addition to North Face, there are many North American brands that obviously know how to keep warm, and they also know how to be high-end.

For example, among Canadian brands, there are many players who can produce high-end down jackets: Lulu, Goose, Arc’teryx, Canadian specialty Sambo, and OOTD resident guests of North American students.

Compared with these winter trendsetters in the fashion and even luxury worlds that everyone is familiar with, many people ignore the same high-end ‘scissors’, that is, ‘Moose Knuckles – Musenak’.

However, his logo is not a small hand scissors, but derived from the footprints of elk in the snow.

  Although only officially established in 2009, the history behind the brand can be roughly traced back to the manufacture of custom parkas around 1921.

That’s right, a parka.

If you want to say what is the logo of ‘Little Scissors’, it must be its iconic detachable large fur collar, the ‘Scissors’ Logo with changeable materials, and the classic parka down jacket.

The parka-style stiff and straight version is the password to avoid wearing a “gas toad” or a “Michelin man” every winter.

It is low-key and simple, but it has a lot of functional details, and it is a few blocks away from those ‘short-lived’ styles that are fashionable for fashion.

  Parker’s real name is ‘PARKA’, which means ‘animal skin’.

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It was originally a coat made of reindeer skin or seal skin invented by the Eskimos. Its symbol is the fluffy fur around the brim of the hat, which can not only protect the head from the cold, but also has a unique aesthetic feeling.

Later, this kind of coat was discovered by the U.S. military and improved into a kind of warm clothing for the U.S. military to serve on the battlefield.

After the war, this kind of coat gradually faded away from the characteristics of military products and entered the fashion world. For example, in the UK in the 1960s, the formula of wearing a parka coat with jeans and a pair of suede boots was once all the rage on the streets of the UK.

Most of the thin parka coats we often see in spring and autumn are closer to windbreakers. Although they can prevent wind, they are very thin.

The down parka from Moose Knuckles can keep warm, windproof, waterproof and breathable at the same time: the outer cotton material is breathable cotton nylon with DWR blessing, and the inner lining is gray duck down with online warmth retention. , YKK metal zipper is also first-class strong and durable.

  As a ‘Canadian specialty’, it is impossible to want to be cold in winter.

In addition to the gray duck down lining with windproof and waterproof fabrics, down filling, and elastic line, most of the styles of his classic series also have fixed interlayers on the shoulders and upper arms to enhance the warmth of the clothing.

The windproof placket, raised collar and wear-resistant zipper can lock the temperature well, and the high-quality blue fox fur of the collar is soft and comfortable, which can provide a good warm edge layer for the head and face; in addition to the regular pockets, the classic There are also two small pockets on the chest of the model, which can provide extra storage space while warming hands.

In addition, another special feature of ‘Scissors’ is their hand-stitched craftsmanship, and every key detail is also reinforced with rivets. These technical details also greatly increase the durability of the coat.

In addition to the Original classic series and the resulting ONYX-classic derivative series, Moose Knuckles also has the Cloud series, which is 40% thinner and lighter than the classic models, and the more advanced Gold series – the gold logo on the shoulder is you A testament to taste.

The ambition of Moose Knuckles is obviously not only in the basic windproof and warm, but also in fashion.

In addition to the hard core warm styles mentioned above, there are lighter and more stylish ‘Puff – Puff Series’, ‘Velour – Velvet Series’, ‘Feather Lite – Lightweight Series’, ‘Sherpa – Fleece Series’ and rich Co-branded products are available.

The advantage of these styles besides keeping warm is that their own sense of volume is already eye-catching enough. As long as they are worn, they don’t need to worry too much about whether the clothes that match are ‘special’ enough – because the basic shirt denim is its The best partner.

All of the above can be selected according to the cold resistance level given by the brand, from ‘Chill’, ‘Cold’ to ‘Crazy Cold’, ‘Canada Cold’, whether you want to be comfortable and stylish or fight against severe cold, there is always one that suits you.

Perhaps most of us are temporarily out of touch with distant plateaus and polar regions, but the mountains and rivers in the suburbs are still within reach.

This is the case with the third brand I want to introduce this time. Although it is not as ‘hardcore’ as the first two, it is more suitable for outdoor sports, camping and relaxation. It is also more fashionable and often has some interesting small designs. Not to mention that there are many unisex styles to choose from. With a little matching, you can create a couple look with your partner and go out on the street without any pressure.

  Compared with those outdoor brands that started out emphasizing sports technology and functional design, the story of the Japanese pioneer outdoor brand ‘and wander’ is more romantic.

The founders ‘Keita Ikeuchi – 竹内启太’ and ‘Mihoko Mori – Mori Mihoko’ are both designers, and they met when they were working for the ISSEY MIYAKE design team.

Due to the same hobbies, the two finally came together.

The couple who also love the mountains and fashion often go hiking together. Among them, they are naturally also troubled by the lack of favorite outdoor clothing to choose from—so in 2011, and wander, which has both design and outdoor functions Sexy fashion brands came into being in this way.

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  ‘To make fashion equally pleasing in the natural mountains. ‘

Perhaps influenced by the late design master Issey Miyake, the Takeuchi couple believed in ‘design first’ and were very good at summarizing needs from their own outdoor experience, and especially paid attention to the choice of fabrics.

In the design, they mostly choose windproof and waterproof materials, light and durable materials, and color schemes that are harmonious with the natural environment, and the outdoor clothing they create is always refreshing.

  Fabrics like the PERTEX series are their favourites.

For example, PERTEX QUANTUM AIR and PERTEX SHIELD are used in and wander’s flagship styles: PERTEX wind jacket and 3L UL rain jacket, both of which are classic designs of the brand.

Taking the PERTEX QUANTUM AIR fabric as an example, PERTEX QUANTUM AIR is different from the GORE-TEX fabric that is commonly used and even proud of by major outdoor brands. PERTEX QUANTUM AIR may not be so ‘hard’ on paper data, but it can cope with commuting and non-working in the city. Outdoor environments with extreme conditions are suitable:

This fabric is woven from high-density yarns, and its light weight and durability are outstanding, making it very suitable for urban life scenes.

Compared with GORE-TEX, PERTEX SHIELED is not so stiff, but it is very convenient to machine wash.

As the leader of Japan’s “mountain style” with the same reputation as WHITE (White Mountaineering) and nanamica, and wander’s new series jointly created with adidas TERREX is very “Gorpcoe”.

Among them, our outdoor must-have down jackets and fleece items are the top priority of this series.

In this series, TERREX XPLORIC and wander COLD.RDY cold technology down jackets show the best skills of the two.

and wander’s iconic reflective elements are applied to the printed pattern this time, adding a unique degree of recognition to the design of the series; the multi-pocket design and adjustable details also continue the practical features of the brand in the past; COLD.RDY keeps out the cold The technical compartment adds a strong ability to keep out the cold for this down jacket.

In addition to the down jacket, the outdoor fleece items of the same series are also worthy of attention. The iconic reflective print in this joint name is grafted into the warm and soft fleece fabric in a splicing manner, forming a classic fleece silhouette.

As the crucial “middle layer” in the classic “outdoor three-layer dressing method”, single products using fleece fabrics are a perfect match with many outdoor single products.

Thanks to the brand’s continuation of the past “mountain system” style, hiking boots and camouflage pants that you usually don’t know how to match can be used at this time. On chilly winter mornings or evenings, these windproof and insulating pieces will keep your day going.

In addition to clothing, and wander will also hold some outdoor-related activities. For example, the ‘and Wander Hiking Club’ established by the brand in 2017 will regularly hold some mountaineering and camping-related activities.

For brands, projects like Hiking Club are not only a social venue for outdoor enthusiasts, but also a real test of their own products.

After writing this, you may have discovered that in the past two years, the down jacket, a “winter life-saving item”, has become more and more fashionable, and temperature and style are no longer binary options.

After all, engaging in design is different from playing art. For designing products, impracticality is the original sin, while aesthetics and design sense are the icing on the cake—especially in the field of outdoor wear and sportswear. Therefore, the past sports The outdoor industry is always full of ‘ugly’ clothing.

  Impractical designs are doomed to be eliminated by life, and unattractive designs cannot be tolerated by the love of beauty. Fortunately, more and more designers have learned to be “Masters of Duan Shui” between practicality and beauty, so as to achieve There are more and more practical and versatile winter items.

The core winter items such as down jackets can be said to be what you pay for, and the life cycle is longer than that of spring and summer fashion. Therefore, when choosing, you must pay attention to the balance between practicality and aesthetics. It just so happens that the three brands introduced today It is the master of ‘Duan Shui’ who balances beauty and practicality.

As the largest item in every winter, it is the most voluminous upper body accessory.

  Make good use of the unique style of the down jacket and be the warmest ‘warm man’ in winter.

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