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Đorđe David about the traffic accident | Entertainment

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Đorđe David about the traffic accident |  Entertainment

Đorđe David spoke out after the news that he had a traffic accident in New Belgrade echoed in the media.

Source: YouTube/Zvezde Granda/screenshot

The news that the singer Đorđe David had a traffic accident that happened in New Belgrade echoed in all domestic media.

His car was hit from behind by another car containing a man and a woman, at the intersection of Bulevar Zorana Đinđić and Narodni heroja streets. Fortunately, the accident ended with only material damage, and the singer has now come forward and revealed all the details. As he explained, the fault is entirely on the other driver and he will have to pay a lot because the car that Đorđe drives is very expensive.

“Yes, I had a minor traffic accident in New Belgrade, but everything is fine. When people drive a car, their head is definitely in a different place. The man who hit me is guilty, and I am mostly blameless in traffic, possibly what happens to us is speeding, and it’s minor,” begins David, who also pointed out that the damage to his car is not great.

“He only caused minor damage to my car, but I feel guilty because the man has two children and will have to pay a little more because my car is more expensive, i.e. his insurance. By the way, accidents like this happen to me about four, five times a year and always it’s someone else’s fault. All this annoys me because then I’m late, today I was supposed to be in Macedonia at 5 pm for an important meeting and now I’m late. Well, it’s important that we’re all fine,” said the singer, who was not alone at the time of the accident .

“I was with my Ana, we were finalizing something about some documentation. It is important that it ended only with material damage, but I appeal to drivers to concentrate on driving and I always use situations like this to emphasize that to people,” concluded Đorđe David.

This is what his wife Ana looks like:

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