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Dougou be kak! (The time is serious!) – Une Plume du Mali

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Dougou be kak!  (The time is serious!) – Une Plume du Mali

Credit: The capital of Mali, seen from the hills surrounding it, May 2007 / via wikicommons,

For several days, the cancellation of the evaluations for the entrance exam into the Civil Service, held in December 2023, has been making headlines in Mali. The surprising decision comes in a context of high costs of living.

“Bamako is not Conakry!” » City dwellers in the Malian capital literally live in the dark. Untimely power cuts that last for hours, electricity has been lost in several neighborhoods for three days. For carpenters, tailors, IT specialists… technical unemployment has become epidemic.

Announcements in the dark

Suffering the martyrdom of a disguised nationalism, with its corollary of heavenly promises, the average citizen is brooding on a daily basis. The prices of food and gasoline are rising day after day on the market. Dougou be kak! (The hour is serious in Bambara).

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After the Mali Energy soap operarevealed by the Minister in charge of Energy, it is the turn of her colleague from the Civil Service to cancel the December 2023 recruitment competition. Announcement made on the evening of February 5, 2024, on ORTM, national television.

While most of the capital is plunged into darkness, the press release reports the discovery of fraud actions during the evaluations. Even if no date has been specified in the said document, the minister reassures “the candidates that a new competition will be organized”.

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Enough is enough !

At a time when former dignitaries of the deposed power are accused of corruption and damage to public property, imprisoned and forced into exile, we are witnessing unimaginable scenarios. The frauds observed during the civil service competition extend the list of cases of mismanagement in the public sphere. However, many questions remain unanswered: who are the authors of these frauds? How were they discovered? What about surveillance and security measures…

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For some time now, patriotic speeches have no longer held water. The failure of the recent demonstration of support for the AES (Alliance of Sahel States, bringing together Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger) Isn’t it a perfect illustration? The ambient gloom which reigned in the streets of the capital is a strong signal of this. Hake be fali kou sama la! (Enough is enough !).

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