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Dozens of people have been arrested in a violent demonstration against epidemic prevention measures in Guadeloupe, France

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China News Service, Paris, November 20. A violent demonstration against the epidemic prevention measures took place in Guadeloupe, France. According to an official French report on the 20th local time, dozens of people have been arrested.

French Interior Minister Dalmanin delivered a speech on the violent demonstration in Guadeloupe, France on the evening of the 20th, saying that he would send more police to the local area and restore local social order as soon as possible. He said that 31 people were arrested by the police.

Darmanin condemned violent demonstrators for attacking the police and gendarmerie and damaging public and private property. He also revealed that there were incidents of live ammunition shooting at the police in the local area, as well as illegal acts such as looting. French officials have decided to send an additional 200 police and gendarmes to the local area to help restore order. French Guadeloupe has implemented a night curfew and will continue until the 23rd.

A rally and parade in Guadeloupe opposing epidemic prevention measures took place earlier this week. The rally and demonstrators mainly opposed the health pass measures and opposed the mandatory vaccination of medical staff against the new crown. According to French media reports, the rally and parade turned into violent demonstrations. Some people took the opportunity to ransack the jewelry store, many buildings were destroyed, many cars were burned down, and many local schools, post offices, courts and other public facilities were closed. Local prosecutors have launched further investigations in this regard.

French Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean with a population of about 400,000. A total of 55,147 confirmed cases of new crown and a total of 746 deaths have been reported locally. (over)

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