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Draško Stanivuković on the session of the Assembly of Banjaluka | Info

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Draško Stanivuković on the session of the Assembly of Banjaluka |  Info

The collegium of the Banjaluka City Assembly has scheduled an extraordinary session for tomorrow, June 27 at 12:00 p.m., where the issue of the company “Akvana” will be discussed, while the regular session of the City Assembly is scheduled for July 6, starting at 9:00 a.m.

Source: City of Banjaluka

While the extraordinary session will include items related to recapitalization and restructuring of the company “Akwane”, most of the proposed items have been removed from the agenda of the regular session.

According to Mayor Draško Stanivuković, this decision of the parliamentary majority will seriously threaten the functioning of the City.

“Of the 92 points for the upcoming session, there are sixteen points left and those without which the City can realistically function. The most important points have been removed from the agenda of the session and this is the biggest blockage and the biggest obstruction of Banjaluka so far,” Mayor Draško Stanivuković said.

As he pointed out, all items without which the City cannot function, because there will be no income, have been removed from the agenda.

“Revenues have been reduced, and thus salaries, social benefits, even the points of the reports that are submitted to banks, which refer to water supply projects, have been removed. The proposal for a decision on free building permits was removed, as well as the decision for free rents for families with four and more children. The regional enrollment policy for the school in Ada was also removed,” said the mayor.

He emphasized that with this attitude of the parliamentary majority, the stability of Banja Luka is seriously threatened.

“We showed responsibility, avoiding conflicts, because we considered that peace is a vital interest in these challenging times in which the whole world finds itself. However, some decided to drag Banjaluka into problems, regardless of all that,” he explained.

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Referring to the fact that such a parliamentary majority justifies the story of department heads, the mayor said that it is not clear to him how in that case some points can be made and others not.

“In an attempt to politically harm me, they are harming Banja Luka. I have no other options, although I have really shown patience so far, except to invite the people, workers, employees to come to the City Administration to stand up for the defense of our city,” Stanivuković said, it was reported. on the website of the City Administration.

According to him, he will be forced to make a decision to suspend all payments that are not essential, because, as he said, he must preserve supplies in order for the City to maintain basic stability.

We remind you that the last regular session of the City Assembly was held on March 30.

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