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Drinking in a civilized manner, Fang is a close friend- Hot Comments- China Jingwei.com

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The “Rules of Law Daily” reported that as the Spring Festival is approaching, many places and departments have issued proposals, advocating “civilized dinner parties and moderate voluntary drinking.”

As soon as I got home during the Spring Festival, my relatives and friends had not seen each other for a long time, chatting and laughing together. Drinking alcohol can indeed often liven up the atmosphere and enhance feelings. But in the face of repeated toasts of kindness, most people feel miserable in their hearts: drink? Don’t drink it? Just as I was about to say no, I was blocked by a bunch of rhetoric: “Young strong people don’t drink alcohol, they don’t have good friends” “I would rather have a rotten hole in my stomach than a crack in my relationship”… The toaster’s “roaring words” Once it appears at the party table, it often makes people’s scalp tense, passively turns on the “suicide” mode of escort, and also makes a self-defense: “No way, the wine culture is like this.”

This “pot”, the wine culture can not be recited. Since ancient times in my country, wine culture has been a ritual culture. In pursuit of the ancient banquet culture, drinking utensils made of bronze in the Shang and Zhou dynasties were classified as ritual vessels. At that time, the banquets followed the order of the host and the guests, and the cups and plates were arranged in a regular manner. The traditional wine culture emphasizes “ceremony”, but this “ceremony” is not the rudeness of “don’t drink and don’t give face”, but the courtesy and civilized drinking. The ancients advocated “wink” for drinking, and one of them is to stop in moderation. Whether or not to drink, and how much to drink, should be based on the respect the other party feels. Those who respect it in moderation, those who drink it voluntarily. In this way, there is the unrestrained and comfortable feeling of “calling each other at the door, and having a drink to drink”, and the relaxed and happy feeling of “opening the Xuan Mian Garden and talking about the wine.” In modern society, to enjoy drinking with relatives and friends, we should still follow the cultural core of toasting with sincerity and respect each other, and take self-discipline and not rudeness as the self-cultivation of drinkers. As the saying goes, if people have magnanimity, they should drink in moderation; if you drink in a civilized manner, you will be your best friend.

Speaking of drinking stories, I think of my childhood. Every Chinese New Year, when the family gathers together, there is often not enough seating at one table, so two tables are needed. Moutai, who usually does not know where to hide, finally appeared on the stage with a red string. Good wine, as usual, is at the table of the elders, and the younger generation can only take turns to go to the next table to greedy. After three rounds of wine, the elders usually start to “release water” and give two or three cups to the small table. Less wine and more greedy cats, who should let them have a “happy” drink? Let the wine order! The best wishes of the New Year are all in the lively wine order; The strong New Year’s flavor and family affection are all in the warm memory that cannot be erased at this time.

The Chinese New Year is approaching, and advocating “civilized dinner parties and moderate voluntary drinking” is precisely to follow traditional culture, so that the sense of New Year’s rituals can be connected with modern civilization. The civilized dining table of thousands of households affects the good atmosphere of the whole society. The new life of Huifeng and Chang will start from “people are in the rivers and lakes, and one’s body is up to oneself”! (Liu Ranran)

Article source: Guangzhou Daily
Responsible editor: Xu Yamin


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