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Drugs, Meloni’s barricades: “It always hurts”. No step back on reading

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Drugs, Meloni’s barricades: “It always hurts”.  No step back on reading

A clear-cut, clear position that has never changed over time. Giorgia Meloni reiterates her convinced “no” to all drugs. Whether they are light or heavy. “The State will play its part in the battle against drugs, I believe that, objectively, it is not tolerable to read about children who have accidentally taken drugs or to see newborns who come into the world in withdrawal symptoms, kept on methadone”. Unequivocal words, those spoken this afternoon by the prime minister during his speech at the event on World Day against Drugs. “Anyone who says it’s okay like this should have a conscience problem, we will implement a paradigm shift. I don’t like hypocrisy and I want to reiterate simple concepts even if in this time we become the subject of controversy, but I’m used to defending what I believe in Drugs always hurt and in any case, every single milligram eats a piece of you – underlined the Prime Minister – drugs hurt everyone: there are no sensible distinctions in this sense to say that they are not all the same is a lie, a deception and whoever says it knows it, this has produced very heavy consequences”.

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A direct message to those who would like to liberalize cannabis. “All the narration goes in the same direction: television series, documentaries, films – denounced the premier -. The message is that drugs are nonconformist, it’s good, it doesn’t hurt. There are series that tell the story of a drug dealer like was a hero, broadcast on the same platform where the documentaries against Muccioli were made and broadcast. A man who saved thousands of kids when the state had turned away”. Giorgia Meloni, in conclusion of her speech, finally pointed the finger at culture, cinema and television. “In recent years a vulgate has grown up that peddles drugs as a form of freedom, I can’t understand how something that actually enslaves you and eats a piece of you every day can pass and be peddled as freedom” .

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