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Dubai paralyzed by floods, airport runway flooded

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Dubai paralyzed by floods, airport runway flooded

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

International Airport Dubai diverted a number of incoming flights, after heavy rain hit the United Arab Emirates, causing major flooding in the country.

Reported AFPthe world‘s busiest airport for international flights, previously confirmed the closure of incoming flights on Tuesday (16/4) at 19.26 local time, but gradually reopened more than two hours later.



Dubai was paralyzed by heavy rain which caused major floods to inundate several areas in the UAE and Bahrain. In Oman, 18 people died on Sunday (15/4) and last Monday.

Apart from that, the main shopping centers Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates were also flooded ankle-deep, including at one Dubai Metro station.

Several roads also collapsed, residential areas were hit by heavy flooding, and many residents reported leaks in roofs, doors and windows.

Schools are closed throughout the UAE and are expected to continue today.

Several areas on the outskirts of the UAE recorded more than 80 millimeters of rain in the 24 hours up to 08.00 this morning.

The National Meteorological Center also urged residents to take all measures, staying away from flooded areas and standing water.


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