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Dylan Dog “Xenon!” – Mondo Japan

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Dylan Dog “Xenon!” – Mondo Japan

Dylan Dog “Xenon!” with screenplay by Roberto Recchioni and drawings by Corrado Roi, it is the continuation of the previous issue, in which the investigator of the nightmare has to deal with Lucille, this mysterious woman who makes sacrifices through an artistic work. This turns out to be a character from another dimension, who claims that art allows him to travel in space and time, a way of transporting himself wherever he wants: and she chose Earth.

The emotions she feels are her nourishment, she turns out to be a psychic vampire, that is, she sucks the vital energy from human beings and therefore always needs followers who look for sacrifices.

Now the woman reveals to Dylan that she wants to leave to go to her home planet but first she needs further victims and to do this she needs his help, who will be able to choose the victims himself…

The issue in question has a great merit, fantastic, captivating drawings, the simplicity with which they are made have enormous power, with these dark ones that immerse the reader in the worst darkness of the protagonist, who with a sensational shot manages to get out of it.

A stroke that is sometimes based on pencil nuances that focuses attention on the main protagonist of the table in question. An artistic design for a book that puts an artistic work at the center of the nightmare, in a prison of strong emotions and atrocious doubts about an ethical dilemma.

A screenplay that is a little too psychological and philosophical which could become tiring in the long run, due to the lack of that unbridled action that is so popular. The action is complemented by many erotic scenes, all of which are always very veiled and left to the reader’s imagination.

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A reading which, however, is faster and more continuous than the last issue, with the game of seduction as the true main protagonist, in a relationship between victim and executioner

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