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E-scooter with 128 km/h speed display secured

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E-scooter with 128 km/h speed display secured

On Friday, police officers stopped a man on Charlottenstrasse in Berlin-Mitte who was riding his e-scooter without an insurance license plate, police said on Saturday. During the inspection, the bicycle squad police officers discovered that the e-scooter had different speed settings. According to the digital display on the e-scooter, the vehicle can reach a top speed of 128 kilometers per hour. According to a police spokeswoman, it is unclear whether the e-scooter can actually reach the indicated speed.

The 58-year-old man was stopped on a bicycle street while riding an e-scooter. His e-scooter was confiscated due to a lack of compulsory insurance, driving without a driver’s license and a lack of an operating license.

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