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Easy Ways to Sign PDFs Online and Offline

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Easy Ways to Sign PDFs Online and Offline

If you don’t understand how to sign a PDF, you can just scan the signature you already have via Google Drive and CamScanner. This method of signing on a PDF is no less easy to put into practice.

How to scan a signature with Google Drive is as follows:

1. Open the Google Drive application

2. In the lower right, tap Add (Add)

3. Select the “Scan” option

4. Take a photo of the signature you want to scan.

Adjust the scan area: Tap Crop.

Take another photo: Tap Re-scan page “Re-scan current page”.

Scan another page: Tap Add.

5. To save the completed document, tap Done.

How to scan a signature with an iPhone

The iOS 11 release adds a new scanning feature to Notes, so to use this option, first make sure your iPhone has been updated to iOS 11. This method of signing PDFs is also easy to do. Here are the steps to scan documents to iPhone using the scanning feature in Notes:

1. Open Notes.

2. Tap the box icon with a pencil inside to create a new note.

3. Tap the circle with the + sign inside.

4. A menu appears above the keyboard. In that menu, tap the circle with the + inside it again.

5. Select Scan Documents.

6. Position the cellphone camera above the document to be scanned. Notes will automatically focus and take a picture of the document or you can control it manually by tapping the shutter button itself.

7. After scanning the page, Notes will show a preview and give options to Keep Scan or Retake.

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8. After you have finished scanning all the pages, you can review the list of scanned documents in Notes. If you need to make corrections, such as cropping an image or rotating an image, just tap the image of the page you want to correct and it will open that page with editing options displayed.

10. When finished with any corrections, tap Done in the top left corner to save the adjusted scan automatically.

11. When ready to lock the scan as PDF or jpg, tap the Upload icon.

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