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Economic Daily News article: Future-oriented layout of Meta Universe must focus on hardware and ecology

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Recently, the concept of meta-universe is on fire.Internet companies such as Tencent and ByteDance have entered related fields one after another.Telecom operationsBusiness plus code yuan universe infrastructure, foreign Facebook,MicrosoftNvidiaAnd other technology companies are also actively deploying. Meta universe has become a hot topic from the scientific and technological circles, capital circles to the streets and alleys.

  What is meta universe

The meta universe is simply a virtual world parallel to the real world constructed through digital technology.

In March 2021, Roblox, a sandbox gaming platform, was the first company to include the concept of Meta universe in its prospectus and successfully landed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its definition of the meta universe fully embodies the fusion of the real world and the virtual world. According to the company, Metaverse has 8 elements: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, everywhere, economic system, and civilization. According to Facebook, in Metaverse, people can do things that cannot be done on the Internet. This means that Metaverse is advancing the era of the “True Internet”.

After more than 10 years of development of the mobile Internet, human society will usher in a new round of network iterative upgrades. The virtual world is “realized” due to the deep support of the real world, and the real world is “more alive” due to the deep embedding of the virtual world. Whether it is from the virtual to the real or from the real to the virtual, the metaverse will satisfy users more real Experience.

As a new outlet, the meta universe is not born out of nowhere, but has been brewed through long-term ideological concepts and technological innovation, and has a realistic foundation as a support. In 1981, the American mathematician Verno Wenqi published the novel “Real Name and Real Name”, conceiving a virtual world that can be entered through a brain-computer interface and obtained sensory experience. In 1992, American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson deepened Wenqi’s creativity. In the novel “Avalanche,” he proposed the prototype of the meta-universe, a cyberspace parallel to the real world. The experiencer puts on headphones and eyepieces. You can enter a virtual space that is simulated by a computer and parallel to the real world through a virtual avatar.

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  How big is the market

From the perspective of reality, the meta-universe is a digital twin of the real world, and the production methods, exchange methods, social structures and cultural values ​​of the real world can all be copied into the virtual world. Therefore, the space-time dynamics mechanism of the metaverse is closely connected with the real world, and the metaverse constructs a fully-covered virtual reality system that organically integrates the Internet, hardware terminals, and users.

From an application point of view, Metaverse will realize the upgrade of gaming, social networking, entertainment, office and other behavioral methods. C-end cloud technology, blockchain technology, display system high-bandwidth Internet, VR/AR/MR, brain-computer interface and other new The software foundation and hardware foundation required by the application are in a period of rapid development. Meta Universe has been considered by the investment community as a very promising track, and in the future it will be a new highland for digital economy innovation and industrial chain extension.

From a technical perspective, Metaverse has absorbed the latest achievements of the information revolution, Internet revolution, and artificial intelligence revolution, especially virtual reality technology including game engines, showing people the possibility of constructing a holographic digital twin world parallel to the real world. sex. The meta-universe will trigger the interaction of information science, quantum science, mathematics, and life sciences, change the paradigm of scientific analysis, and promote the interaction and integration of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

Meta universe originated in the game industry, but it will surpass the game to expand into a broader space. On the one hand, the meta-universe infrastructure and system architecture built around games are becoming more mature. On the other hand, the boundary between games and reality has begun to blur and dissolve. Metaverse is forming its unique structure. According to the founder of Beamable, there are seven aspects: experience, discovery, creator economy, spatial computing, decentralization, human-computer interaction, and infrastructure. In the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, virtual concerts, online conferences and education and other virtual space activities continue to emerge. People can switch their identities at any time, shuttle between the real and virtual world, work and study, social interaction, shopping and travel.

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In line with the new round of technological and industrial revolutions, the digital economy is developing rapidly and is becoming an important engine for building a modern economic system, and it will also bring huge market space.

  Escort industry development

Before Meta Universe formed a scale, major companies started to lay out related products, trying to lead users into the small Meta Universe belonging to their respective platforms, and companies were gradually preparing for Meta Universe’s infrastructure and expanding the scale of financing for the development of Meta Universe’s business. , And strive to occupy a place on the track of the meta universe.

At present, because mobile social networking has matured, with limited growth space, and at the same time faced with a series of data problems, product promotion and policy restrictions, it is necessary to deploy the next generation of social networks in advance, and mastering the meta universe will generate longer user durations. In view of this, some large companies are actively deploying Metaverse, which is also an inevitable move to adapt to the iterative upgrade of the mobile Internet.

The meta universe has become a “wind outlet”, but it needs to be reminded that at present, the meta universe still has a long way to go to realize a true parallel virtual world.

For the future-oriented layout of Metaverse, it is necessary to focus on hardware and ecology to increase hardware penetration, increase the number of users, and allow creators to obtain higher incomes, and then promote the penetration rate and achieve exponential growth. At the same time, it is necessary to cultivate a mature meta-universe business system, from a niche community to a popular community, and build a platform for creators to develop tools.

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In short, the meta-universe is currently in the “outreach”. To make this industry develop better, it is necessary to continuously explore the order structure, value orientation, and institutional model of the meta-universe, think about the economic operation rules of the meta-universe, and avoid the monopoly and the monopoly of the meta-universe. Prevent “hegemonism”. Promote the meta-universe to form a self-organized and evolving dynamic system, and at the same time establish a positive circular feedback relationship with the real world, endow the meta-universe with vigorous and upward vitality.


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