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Ecuador, that of Villavicencio is a typically mafia assassination. And it also concerns Europe

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Ecuador, that of Villavicencio is a typically mafia assassination.  And it also concerns Europe

The assassination of Fernando Villavicencio in Ecuador it must shake us, because nothing is disconnected and what happens in America closely affects us too. We Europeans.

The chain of facts is chilling: thepublic execution as proof of shamelessness and strength, the claim of Los Lobos through a video spread on social networks, the tendentious arguments used, good for throwing mud on the victim and for accrediting themselves as defenders of a ferocious but honest order, an alternative to the corrupt one of politics. A sequence typically mafia because it links enacted violence, promised violence, display of power, cultural message, use of the media. Once again the words of Borsellino come to mind: “Mafia and State are two powers that are on the same territory, either they agree or they wage war”. Or, often, they go to war to seek an agreement.

And this is above all the meaning that seems to emerge from the murder of Villavicencio, a candidate for the presidency of Ecuador who stood out for his decisive stance against drug trafficking and corruption: Intimidation of all Ecuadorian politics.

In fact, some press articles report a particularly interesting fact: Villavicencio was not among the first places in the polls in view of the elections, which are just a couple of weeks away. It does not appear that he could seriously worry the candidates ahead of him by many points. So why kill him? In all probability he would not have become president.

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Indeed, as is right, but also predictable, the outgoing president Guillermo Lasso immediately raised his shields and mobilized all the country’s institutions to give a signal of rigor, using strong words, promising that everything will fall on the assassins the weight of legality. This attack would therefore seem like a mad thing for the Ecuadorian mafia, like throwing a beating at a hornet’s nest as a macabre game. Or not. Or i The Wolves and the Mexican and Colombian cartels who traffic using the ports of Ecuador have not gone mad, they have done their math well and have bet on the sustainability of the “weight of legality” wielded by the president. I have the impression, that is, that they bet on the willingness of those who have e to agree will have the powerrather than on the determination to unleash an endless war. The events of the coming months will or will not disprove this hypothesis of mine.

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What does Europe have to do with it?

The volume of fire unleashed in Central and South America by mafia organizations has been staggering for years and seemingly uncontainable. Who remembers the murder of Marcelo Pecci on May 11, 2022? Pecci was the anti-mafia prosecutor of Paraguay, he lived an armored life, he had just married and had allowed himself a short honeymoon with his wife in Colombia: the killers arrived from the sea on a jet ski and they murdered him on the beach, another execution in front of dozens of witnesses. Evidently terrorist methods.

The Villavicencio murder itself is the latest in a series of ruthless executions which have had institutional representatives as victims. What’s at stake? Tons of cocaine for Western, North American and European markets. Tons of cocaine that become mountains of money, money that in turn quickly travels around the world, dematerializing and passing “from hand to hand” to be reinvested where there is more wealth, i.e. once again in Western economies. Money that becomes power for European criminal organizations, because it strengthens their grip on the legal economy and because it constitutes infinite fields to fuel corruption. The shamelessness of the American mafias reveals the extent of the interests at stake.

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Only there international cooperation, which already exists (!), can effectively oppose this system and, as far as we are concerned, only the European Union. A more courageous and stronger European Union, capable, for example, of transforming the Eppo, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office which has direct usability throughout the Union territory in the fight against fraud against Community funds, into a real European Public Prosecutor’s Office anti-mafia e anti Terrorism, on the basis of the Italian model. Capable of protecting the right of European citizens to free and correct information, contrasting the practice of intimidatory lawsuits (we can never forget that if in Europe the “excellent murders” in recent years have systematically concerned investigative journalists, who have become the most at risk: Daphne Caruana Galizia, Jan Kuciak, Peter de Vries). Able to harmonize criminal law on mafia-type organizations, the rules on asset prevention, the social reuse of confiscated assets and those against corruption.

To do this, however, the next elections to the European Parliament in June 2024 will be decisive: who will win? From Le Pen to Salvini, via Orban and Abascal, we know what the “blacks” think of the European Union. Blow Ventotene, blow!

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