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Edita Aradinović’s relationship with a colleague | Entertainment

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Edita Aradinović’s relationship with a colleague |  Entertainment

Edita Aradinović once had fun with a colleague from the stage.

Source: Instagram/editaaradinovic

Little has always been known about her emotional life, and she never wanted to expose her partners. However, domestic media reports that in 2012 she allegedly had a romance with colleague Deni Boneštaj, after he was released from prison. Deni was in prison, about which he spoke publicly on one occasion for the local media.

“In Germany, I had a fight with a guy in a club. We pushed each other, hit each other a bit. The next day he was found dead in the apartment. The police thought it was the result of a fight, so they took me into custody. I was in prison for a month and per day, until proven innocent. Boyfriend died of an overdose. The worst thing is when you start doubting yourself, I was really scared. If it turned out to be my fault, I’m a cancer in my horoscope, I’m big an emotional person, I could not live with that. It remained in me like a wound, I will never be able to forget it. The family was by my side, as they say from home, they know you best,” Deni told “Espreso” once upon a time.

Source: Kurir TV printscreen

After being released from prison, Deni met Edita, and according to sources, sympathy between them was born immediately.

“When they met on the recording of a duet, the sympathy at first sight was mutual. Just a few days later, they started dating and have been in a happy love relationship for a month and a half. Edita helped Deni get out of depression and regain the desire to life, as well as getting involved in work again, and there is no doubt that this relationship has a good effect on the two of them. Although they met relatively recently, the two of them already have serious plans when it comes to their love,” the source concluded at the time, reports “New”.

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However, the romance did not last, and Aradinović revealed in one of her interviews for “Blic” that she was once in a relationship with a colleague, whose name she did not want to say.

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