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Education and health, “missions” within the mission

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Education and health, “missions” within the mission

From the village of La Concordia, in the Mexican mountains of Guerrero, Father Mauro Pazzi writes to us, who is trying to start a small dispensary and a youth center to be even closer and in solidarity with the Mitxtec population with whom the PIME missionaries live

Dear friends, as many of you know, we are in a village of about a thousand inhabitants, La Concordia, located in the state of Guerrero in Messivo. We are about 800 meters above sea level in a very isolated environment where to reach the nearest city you need to travel by off-road vehicle for an hour and a half and with the rainy season everything becomes even more complicated.

We live in a community of indigenous people mixteche, with a different culture than that of city people, in terms of way of thinking, of dressing, of working, of being together, and also of living religion. The isolation and closure of these people and these peoples have meant that this culture has consolidated itself over centuries of history.

We missionaries are fine here; we have always been welcomed with a great sense of hospitality and friendship.

Even the fact of the distance from the city is actually not a big problem, both for us who have adequate means of transport, and for the inhabitants of these communities who have always lived like this: isolated, marginalized, separated…

The problem of distance becomes important in the event of a health emergency, when people’s experience and natural healing methods are no longer sufficient. This is why the idea of ​​creating a medical clinic with a pharmaceutical dispensary was born, so as to be able, in some way, to help people in need of assistance. Will there be a doctor or nurse? We don’t know yet. In the meantime, let’s try to make our contribution.

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Another central theme, which gives meaning and reason to a missionary presence in this area of ​​Mexico, is the theme of education. Mexico is one of the most violent countries in the world: an estimated 70 violent deaths (murders) per day, human trafficking and kidnappings, child abuse and domestic violence, drug trafficking and corruption… It is the reality that, even if to a lesser extent , afflicts our communities.

The educational crisis therefore becomes a priority and an urgency on which to intervene if we want to obtain some prospect of change, starting from the education of the youngest and investing in young people.

For these reasons, the project of a youth education center was also born which, in addition to organizing recreational and pedagogical activities for children and young people, would also like to propose scholastic initiatives (after school) and adoptions.

The idea is to welcome a doctor or nurse who takes care of the socio-health area and one or more educators who take care of the socio-educational area.

The various constructions and renovations are currently underway, although in recent months everything has been slowed down by the daily rains. Furthermore, the economic aspect is also no small matter: once the construction is completed we will also have to think about all the furnishings, materials and equipment necessary to create the medical clinic and the youth center.

As a priest friend said: “Education and health are two decisive missions that are an integral part of the proclamation of the Gospel.”

Heartfelt thanks to all those who, with little or with much, with a word or a hand, a gift or a prayer are close to us and, together with us, believe in this dream.

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Causal: Offer for Father Mauro Pazzi Mexico Ct project. IM.

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