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Egypt, to fight inflation, the government encourages cooking chicken feet

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Egypt, to fight inflation, the government encourages cooking chicken feet

To combat the cost of living, the government encourages consume crow’s feet, inexpensive and high in protein. It happens in Egypt, where the economic crisis is so serious that a large part of the population struggles to feed itself. So the authorities suggest cooking even those parts of the birds – such as the legs – which are usually considered waste and intended for dogs and cats. An invitation, reports the site of Bbcwhich had the effect of intensifying the citizen anger towards politics. The North African state is in fact one of the countries where theinflation has grown more: in March it has exceeded 30%. Likewise, even basic necessities such asolio and the cheese they have become unaffordable luxuries, with the prices of some products doubling or tripling in a matter of months.

“I eat meat Once a monthor I don’t buy it at all. I buy chicken once a week,” he tells the British broadcaster wedad, mother of three children. While she lived a year quietly on her monthly pension of five thousand Egyptian pounds (152 euros), and she would have defined herself as middle class, now fatigue to arrive at end of month. “A salesman asked me for 160 pounds (2.88 euros, ndr) for a kilo of chicken, another 175, 190, even 200. The legs cost ninety quid, but now bones are also soldwhich cost only twenty” (0.61 euros), he says with a sarcastic laugh.

Egypt’s many difficulties stem from dependence on imports of food to feed its huge population, which numbers over one hundred million people. Even the grain to feed the chickens is imported. In 12 months last year, the Egyptian pound lost half its value compared to the dollar. In January, when the government devalued the currency again, the cost of imports, such as that of wheat, rose sharply. The risk to the president Abdel Fattah al-Sisinow, is that of a new phase of political instability: in fact, it is the economic difficulties that in the past caused the street riots that led to the deposition first of Hosni Mubarak and then of Mohammed Morsi.

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