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Ehiweb, the story of a different Internet Service Provider

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Ehiweb, the story of a different Internet Service Provider

An all-Italian story of a provider that we have followed with its products also in our niche

Ehiweb, an Italian company based in Bologna, stands out as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that has managed to emerge as an authentic telecommunications boutique, in a market dominated by large players.

Ehinet srl was founded in 2004 and Ehiweb is one of its brands: since that year Ehiweb has grown with dedication, competence and hard work, representing an example of all-Italian entrepreneurial success.

Co-founder Luigi De Luca, shared the vision of this venture: “Ehiweb was born from the idea of ​​providing a fast and high-quality alternative in Internet services for homes and offices in Italy. Our story is the story of an Italian company, built with the contribution of many people determined to make a difference.”

Since its foundation, Ehiweb has gained credibility and attention in the telecommunications market. The initial challenge was both commercial and ethical: the young founders of Ehiweb wanted to redefine the Italian entrepreneurial culture, often considered static. Without external financing or bank support, the constant work has generated positive word of mouth, leading Ehiweb to serve over 150,000 customers.

To stand out in a crowded market, Ehiweb has focused on unique features compared to large operators. During the start-up phase, the team analyzed the defects of the Italian providers and transformed them into strengths.

Ehiweb’s distinctive approach is characterized by specialized assistance provided by highly qualified personnel but also by practical problem solving with a concrete approach to facing challenges.

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Ehiweb understood that it was essential to reduce bureaucracy by simplifying processes for customers, but that all this could not be done without real involvement of the customers themselves: listening and active participation are fundamental in managing and building trust.

Operating in a highly competitive market and with objectively much larger players, they immediately understood how the personalization of services, adapted to individual needs, could be an important added value and a competitive advantage.

Last but not least, research and constant innovation are a theme that is never taken for granted by the company, together with the ability to always offer new services.

Ehiweb today has a crucial role in the telecommunications market which it has earned with an almost twenty-year professional history: in 2004, it was one of the first companies to promote the adoption of VoIP in Italy. In 2008, it developed a procedure for migrating ADSL lines, adopted by numerous Italian providers. Furthermore, it created the BeSMS platform for sending messages via the Internet, one of the most used in Italy.

Today, Ehiweb also stands out for its important work in digital dissemination. “The path is on the rise and the management is constantly working on the creation of strategic partnerships, on the customization of services that are adapted to customer needs, but also with strong investments in innovation,” continues De Luca. “Transparency and simplicity, direct and honest relationships with customers and partners remain the key to our commercial development,” concludes the co-founder.

The success of Ehiweb was made possible by many factors, but above all thanks to the experience and credibility of the people who contributed to the realization of this project.

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