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El Kanka, review of his album Things of the living (2023)

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El Kanka, review of his album Things of the living (2023)

Five years, that is the time that has passed between the departure of “The art of jumping” (A Volar Music, 18) and the new work by El Kanka. A record that has been determined to lengthen due to the pandemic and that, despite having many things against it, meets all the expectations generated. Juan has brought out his best clothes in “Things of the Living” (A Volar Music, 23), making a timeless record that is now an instant classic of national music, like almost everything the man from Malaga creates.

A job that has given birth to the old-fashioned way, getting rid of those technological elements to return to the studio with his band to compose. This is how it is better understood the long preparation time that these fourteen songs have had that finally see the light. And in which he has further sharpened his ingenuity to compose the lyrics, those that are his trademark and that manage to convey their message at first listen. That is his great hallmark and what, in part, explains his success: writing in an easy way what is difficult to express.

The album goes through an amalgamation of sounds that, although they are all different, do not stray from that musical universe that the artist himself has created. Regarding musical sound, it is necessary to mention “goodbye song” y “Trivial”, in which he collaborates with Fetén Fetén and the San Vicente Academic Symphony Orchestra respectively, managing to connect perfectly with the duo from Burgos and making their lyrics fit genuinely between so many instruments. And it should be noted that at a time when collaborations are the daily bread, he decides that of the three that he includes in his new work, two are only with musicians. Actions that make it even more special.

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In the lyrics he talks about mundane things or, as he calls them, “Things of the Living”. Experiences and feelings that could happen to us – or have happened – to you and me, and to which he gives voice and music. Like when we want to take the step of going to live with our partner in “Come live with me” or when we realize that we have not met any of the “New Year’s resolutions”, one of the jewels of the disc. But we must highlight the special collaboration that she does with Silvana Estrada, “To live” It is a ballad in which they want us to focus on living and forget that fear of death. And he also has the courage to reflect himself in “Self-portrait”, that is growing little by little; to talk about the bad things about his job in the tribal “You don’t say luck”; and demonstrate, through a frenetic rhythm, that the opinion of others does not matter to him in “Your opinion”.

Come on, we can say with complete certainty that it has returned in style, making it seem that its roof is yet to be discovered. The only thing we ask of you is that you continue to move us at first listen and pay as much care to the music as you have up to now, and, if possible, that you cut the time between albums, because right now your songs seem vital to the society.

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