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Elections in France, exit polls: Mélenchon slightly ahead, uphill for Macron

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Elections in France, exit polls: Mélenchon slightly ahead, uphill for Macron

In France they closed the polling stations for the first round of the legislative elections, which they elect the 577 deputies of the Assemblée Nationale. The united gauche Nupes, led by the radical leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, would have obtained today 26.20% of the votes against 25.80% of the Ensemble coalition! by Emmanuel Macron in the first round of the French legislatures. It would thus become more difficult for the president to win an absolute majority of 289 seats in the Assemblée Nationale. These are the results of the first exit polls released by French TV. While according to the estimates of Le Monde the two alliances are equal: both at 25.2%.

French legislative elections: Mélenchon protagonist, obscures the right and undermines Macron. Low turnout

by our correspondent Anais Ginori

The first projections in seats still give the macronist majority the possibility of maintaining an absolute majority, assigning Ensemble! between 270 and 310 seats. 170-220 seats would go to the Nupes gauche (Jean-Luc Mélenchon). An absolute majority, set at 289 seats, is not guaranteed for the macronist Ensemble! Coalition, which nevertheless remains firmly ahead of the Nupes left. Everything will depend on the number of districts in which there will be duels (Ensemble! Against Nupes) and in which “triangular” ones are foreseen, with the probable participation of the Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen (between 15 and 30 seats). In Macron’s first term, the government – including the MoDem’s centrist allies – enjoyed a very large majority, 341 seats.

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As expected, Marie Le Pen’s Rassemblement National candidates travel within a fork between 18.5% and 19.8%. As for Les Republicains, on the other hand, they are between 11.6% and 14%. A record abstention is confirmed. According to the first projections, it would be between 52.1% and 52.8%. Historically low voter participation between 47 and 47.5%.

Legislative elections France, time for Mélenchon: “We will win, not Macron”

by our correspondent Anais Ginori

“There is no opposition by voting for Nupes”, the new Union of the Popular Ecological and Social Left led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon: this is what was stated by the secretary of the Rassemblement National, Jordan Bardella, inviting the voters to a “jolt” in sight for the second round. “If you want to oppose Emmanuel Macron, vote for the National Rassemblement next Sunday,” added the Marine Le Pen loyalist.

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