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Elections in France, Macron: “We need to work more like in Italy”

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Elections in France, Macron: “We need to work more like in Italy”

PARIS – In France “we will have to work more, as in Italy, Spain and Germany”. She said it Emmanuel Macron, in his rally at the gates of Paris, the only electoral event of the French president’s lightning campaign for the vote on 10 April. “We will raise the retirement age to 65”, he underlined, proposing one of the points of his program of him. In front of 35 thousand enthusiastic supporters gathered in the Nanterre Arena, the head of the Elysée then reiterated that his goal in the five years of his second term, if he is re-elected, is “full employment”.

“The specter of a world conflict returns”

In his speech, Macron highlighted the challenges that France and its allies must face, starting with those posed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine: “The world of peace that we believed to be immortal seems to be falling apart. Wars and the specter of a world conflict “and this requires us to continue” to invest in our army, reaffirming the army-nation bond “. “The goal is to prepare for a war that could come and for new threats, such as the cyber one,” he added.

Another challenge is that of energy. And on this point Macron reiterated that if he is re-elected he will relaunch nuclear power to guarantee the independence of France in terms of energy supply.

France, Le Pen in the polls one step away from Macron: “Don’t trivialize it”

by our correspondent Anais Ginori

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The tribute to Brigitte

The French president was then moved by paying homage to his wife. “I thank those who have not chosen this life – he said looking towards Brigitte and her grandchildren – but who are close to me every day. And in particular she … she is the one who gives me the most”. Brigitte, also standing between the president of the Assemblée Nationale Richard Ferrand and the premier, Jean Castex, smiled at everyone, only murmuring “merci” while Macron kissed her from the stage with his hand. At that point the standing ovation of the
Arena defense.

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