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Elections in Montenegro | Info

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Elections in Montenegro |  Info

An influencer with no political experience, the current president, four other candidates and one female candidate will be on the electoral list today.

Source: Profimedia

Today, after five years, the citizens of Montenegro are electing a president, and he is in front of them seven candidates from whom they should choose one who will lead the country in the coming years. An influencer with no political experience, the current president, four other candidates and one female candidate are on the electoral list today in the presidential elections in Montenegro.

Montenegro suffered several stormy political years in the period behind us: from the fall of the DPS whose leader is Đukanović, through tensions at the national level to institutional problems. Be that as it may, today the citizens of Montenegro will face another challenge – and that’s it election for the president of their country.

The presidential race Mile Đukanović (DPS), Jakov Milatović (Movement Europe), Andrija Mandić (For the Future of Montenegro), Jovan Radulović Jodžir (independent candidate), Alekse Bečić (Democratic Montenegro), United Montenegro leader Goran Danilović and Draginja Vuksanović Stanković (SDP Montenegro) some will mark it as quite sluggish and “soft”, others as interesting and somewhat unusual.

Source: MONDO/Nicoleta Vučkević

In any case, their part, in the sense of pleasing and “wooing” the people of Montenegro, is over – and tonight, after the polling stations are closed, they will see what and how it was done. The candidate who wins more than half of the votes in the first round of voting will win, and if this does not happen – the second round of voting will follow, which would be held on April 2.

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Voters in Montenegro last went to the second round of presidential elections in 1997, when Đukanović defeated Momir Bulatović – although Bulatović won more votes than Đukanović in the first round. According to numerous political analysts, the second round of elections this year will be inevitable.

Anyway, Montenegrins will go to the polls again on June 11, when extraordinary parliamentary elections have been announced. Until then, it remains to be seen whether the citizens of Montenegro have decided for changes and refreshment, or whether they remain supporters of the policy that has been leading them for 30 years.


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