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Elections in Terni, the first day of the ballot ends in trouble: 60 thousand voters are missing

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Orlando Masselli and Stefano Bandecchi: the time has come for the ballot to decide who will be the new mayor of Terni. The challenge is between the center-right candidate who collected 35.81 percent of the preferences in the first round and the secretary of Popular Alternative, who came out of the polls in the first round with 28.14 percent approval.

87,622 inhabitants of Terni are called to vote, divided into 129 sections: the operations started this morning – 28 May – at 7, to go on until 11pm and resume tomorrow from 7am to 3pm.

The scrutiny that will have to designate the new tenant of Palazzo Spada will follow: Terni Today will follow the counting live starting at 3 pm with updates and interviews with the direct protagonists.

Attendance at 12

At noon today less than ten citizens of Terni out of a hundred (9.23%) went to the polls to elect the new mayor in the ballot between Stefano Bandecchi and Orlando Masselli. This is the figure on the turnout which in the first round – at the same time – was 11.91 percent.

Voting is also held in Umbertide where the turnout was 14.67% (16.98% in the first round). The figure for Umbria therefore shows that the average turnout has so far been 9.91 percent (12.55% in the first round).

In the first round, 59.44 percent of eligible voters went to the polls.

Turnout at 7pm

Declining turnout. At 7 pm today, 28 May, less than 24% of eligible voters (23.29%) went to the polls in Terni to elect the new mayor of the city. In the first round, at the same time, the figure was 35.11%.

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In Umbertide, another Umbrian municipality on the ballot, 37.96% of those entitled voted, also in this case down (48.19%) compared to the first round figure.

Overall in Umbria 25.13% of voters went to the polls compared to 36.74% in the first round.

Turnout at 11pm

In Terni, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, 31.6 per cent of those eligible voted, down from 45.91 per cent in the first round. In fact, compared to the overall figure, 60,000 voters are still missing. The figure for Umbertide instead shows that 49.41% of eligible voters went to the polls, down from 58.58% in the first few rounds. In Umbria at 11pm – definitive data – the turnout was 33.83%, down from the 45.91% of the session.

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