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Elena Sofia Ricci: “I have stumbled several times in love”

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Elena Sofia Ricci: “I have stumbled several times in love”

Elena Sofia Ricci is one of actresses most appreciated than Italian television. In a long interview with Corriere della Serahe spoke above all about his own loving life which, unfortunately, has never been very peaceful. Luckily now, it seems that the actress has found some relief in the arms of Pedroan Argentine tango master who is teaching her to let go.

The actress recently divorced from Stefano Mainettibut has other important relationships behind him, such as marriage with Luca Damiani and the relationship with Pino Quartullowith whom he had his daughter Emma. Regarding yours unfortunate love lifeRicci declared: “Perhaps I have searched in every important man for that abstract idea of ​​’traditional family‘which I have never had. And so I tripped several times“. As a child the actress suffered a lot from separation of parents and, throughout her life, she has always sought the type of family that was taken from her. She explained to the newspaper: “My mother and father separated early, I suffered a lot from it, I grew up with my grandmother. But this one had a nice wooden floor: I did classical dance and that’s when I started to love theatre. The acting, the set, the ‘pretence’“. A pain that accompanied her for a long time and which she managed to soothe only after having reconciled with her father when she was already an adult.

The actress also admitted that it was faith that had given her strength in recent years. “I received the gift of faith years ago, while I was a nun on television. I don’t know if it’s a form of love, for sure it is a form of progressive mentalityWhy he who believes loveshas faith in the future and in others, it does not retreat into itself“, she revealed to the newspaper. The actress then couldn’t help but mention the psychoanalysis which was fundamental for her: some time ago, in fact, she revealed that she had suffered abuse when she was just a little girl. There therapy it helped her ease the pain of one incurable wound.

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