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Elgg: Fire in the village center | Canton Zurich

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Elgg: Fire in the village center |  Canton Zurich

At 12:20 a.m., the Zurich emergency call center received a report of a burning building on Hintergasse in Elgg. When the fire brigade arrived, the building was already fully ablaze and the flames spread to several neighboring buildings. Due to the heavy smoke and the risk that the fire would spread further, several dozen people had to be evacuated from neighboring buildings and the population had to be made aware of the dangers with an Alertswiss message.

The fire was brought under control with the help of several fire departments. The extinguishing work proved to be challenging due to several fire locations and is still ongoing.

The fire caused extensive material damage, which cannot yet be quantified, to several buildings that were on fire, as well as to neighboring properties and parked vehicles. No one was injured in the fire. The mayor and the civil protection organization looked after the evacuated people and supported them with accommodation.

To determine the cause of the fire, the Zurich cantonal police secured traces and interviewed several people who provided information. In addition to the cantonal police, the fire brigades from Elsau-Schlatt, Eulachtal, Schutz & Intervention Winterthur, Turbenthal-Wila-Wildberg, Volketswil and Wiesendangen as well as the drone standby from Schutz and Rescue Zurich were on duty. An emergency doctor and an ambulance from the Winterthur emergency service and an ambulance from the Thurgau Hospital, an inspector from the building insurance company, the Eulachtal civil protection organization, the Winterthur-Unterland public prosecutor’s office and the municipality of Elgg also provided support.

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