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Eliana Burki: Family comments on her death

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Eliana Burki: Family comments on her death

Published24. April 2024, 2:28 p.m

“Dream big”: Eliana Burki’s family comments on her death in an emotional post

A year ago, Eliana Burki’s death became public. The musician had a brain tumor. Her family remembers her on Instagram.


  • Eliana Burki’s family commented on her death in an emotional post.

  • The alphorn player died of a brain tumor at the age of 39.

  • As her family writes, her motto in life was to dream big.

A year ago the sad news became public that Eliana Burki died of a brain tumor at the age of just 39. The alphorn player’s family has now commented on her death in an emotional post.

«I dream about her almost every night. “Sometimes in the craziest places, sailing on the Atlantic or crossing the Sahara,” her relatives write on the musician’s Instagram account.

Eliana was an inspiration to dare to do crazy and daring things. She placed a particular photo prominently in every place she lived. “It was not a photo of a person or a place, but a snapshot that she took of a sentence that was her guiding ideal.”

The sentence goes: “If your dreams don’t scare you, then maybe they aren’t big enough.” Eliana’s sisters, family and friends end the post with the appeal: “Dream big.”

Eliana Burki: unexpected death due to brain cancer

As her label reported in April 2023, Eliana died at the age of just 39 as a result of a malignant brain tumor. The death came as a surprise because her illness was not known until recently. “She was the epitome of friendliness and warmth, an extremely positive person who constantly radiated joy and goodness, which was a source of motivation for everyone,” Dirk Mahlstedt from the Berlin agency Künstlerhafen was quoted as saying in the statement. “That is precisely why she will leave a big gap among her international audience, her fellow artists and, above all, her fellow human beings.”

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The alphornist left behind her partner, the US writer Blas Ulibarri (50), and their children Nala-Emily (5) and Frances-Lee (2). Particularly tragic: The little one was born on April 25, 2022. He turned one year old just one day after his mother died. The family lived temporarily in Solothurn and Los Angeles. She died in her native Switzerland.

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