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Emancipations ~ Mondoblog – Mondoblog


Welcome to this new edition of the Mondoblog newsletter.

On the menu of this newsletter:

– The pressure exerted by society on couples without children,
– The fighting in Kidal (Mali),
– Emancipate yourself from your family,
– Safeguarding a gastronomic heritage (Benin),
– Congolese speaking.

Today’s two Mondoblog Audio are dedicated to frizzy hair (afro cut) and the culture of peace. Finally, the image of the week takes us to Liège (Belgium), where a caged car was the subject of controversy.

Good reading and good listening !


👫 #Couple #CôtedIvoire – In mid-October, the couple of a famous artist from Ivory Coast was heavily criticized online by an influencer. The reason: the couple (still) does not have children. The wave of emotion caused by these aggressive remarks pushed their author to apologize to the couple. The world blogger Alex TIMAUH sees in the inappropriate remarks of this criticism a backward-looking vision of the couple. An “old-fashioned” vision, which is still widely shared in Côte d’Ivoire, and which stipulates that a man and a woman who live together must automatically have children. The couple is thus reduced to its sole reproductive function.


« The lack of electricity does not spare the health of the populations in Chad. Hospitals and health centers often face power outages, limiting their ability to provide quality health care. Medicines that require refrigeration, such as vaccines and insulins, are also affected by the lack of electricity, greatly compromising their effectiveness. »

Saïba NGOUSMON, Chad


#Fighting #Kidal – On November 14, the Malian army announced that it had regained control of Kidal, a town in the north-east of Mali. The regular forces, aided by the forces of the Wagner paramilitary militia, routed the Tuareg independence rebels. Ahmadou ATAFA explains that this reconquest did not happen without collateral damage. Local sources indicate that the airstrikes which dislodged the rebels caused civilian casualties, including women and children.
🔗 The Malian army retakes Kidal at the cost of heavy sacrifices

#Family #Emancipation – Last born and only daughter of a large family, Liza ABOU always felt subject to a particular demand from her family, this implicit demand was heavy to bear, but there was no question for the young Cameroonian of disappointing her parents. Now that she has become an adult woman, she wants to free herself from the weight and gaze of her family, and the task turns out to be more difficult than she imagined. The blogger ends up wondering if it is realistic to want to free herself from family wishes.
🔗 Can we emancipate within the African family?

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#Food #Benin – In September, the Agroecological Federation of Benin organized a seed fair. Among the missions of this fair, the rehabilitation of endangered local dishes, made possible by the preservation of peasant seeds, is prominent. Fulbert ADJIMEHOSSOU explains that the objectives of the organizers of this event are to make the country less vulnerable to fluctuations in the prices of imported foodstuffs and put it on the path to food self-sufficiency.
🔗 Rescuing endangered foods

#History #KingdomofKongo – Kimpa Vita is a young prophetess who is reputed to have lived between 1684 and 1706. Her history is closely linked to that of the kingdom of Kongo, where she was born. Assailed by visions, the young woman had become a medium capable of making the link between the world of men and that of shadows. She ended up at the stake for revealing her own truth and undermining that of the Catholic clergy. Yenga Fazili and BIREGEYA tells the epic tale of this Joan of Arc of the equatorial forest.
🔗 Kimpa Vita, the glow of a shadow

#Language #CongoEsquelette, watshApp, estade, espaghetti, savocat…If you hear these words in the DRC, make no mistake! It is simply Congolese creativity that is expressed. The cultural particularities of the largest country in Central Africa are largely manifested in the French language. In this article, Benjamin LOVUA gives useful tips for any neophyte who finds himself immersed in the bath of Congolese speaking, an article that makes you smile!
🔗 Dive into the crazy Congolese language


THE Mondoblog Audio (MA) are sound clips that take blog articles from written to spoken. Every week, the Mondoblog team invites a mondoblogger to read one of its articles by recording on their phone. His blog is thus highlighted in the form of a column, halfway between an audio book and a mood post. Find all the Mondoblog Audio on the Youtube channel the RFI.

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Dieretou DIALLO is Black and has frizzy hair. For many years, she has straightened it to make it stiff. But one day, the Guinean blogger questioned herself: why not leave her hair in its natural form? A reflection that haunts many women like her, in search of a certain authenticity.

Petite, Magataly grew up in a peaceful country, Ivory Coast. But she only realized it when the sound of weapons began to be heard in the early 2000s. For ten years, the war drove a wedge between people. The crisis is now over, but the hard work of peace education has become a priority for the blogger.


In November 2022, a car was caged in a pedestrian street in Liège, Belgium. A highly criticized advertising initiative, in a context where the presence of the car is called into question in several European cities. The cage – and the car – were removed a few days after installation.

Because we are looking in the same direction, we decided to partner with Iwaria (www.iwaria.com), the free African photos service.
You can populate this image bank with your snapshots taken in Africa.

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