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Emil Iversen, Bettina Burud | Opens up about the relationship with the billionaire boyfriend: – Decisive

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Emil Iversen, Bettina Burud |  Opens up about the relationship with the billionaire boyfriend: – Decisive

In an interview with Address newspaper the cohabiting couple opens up about life in Trondheim, future children and Iversen’s cross-country skiing venture.

The new everyday life has been good for the skier, who seems to enjoy the state of things.

The 32-year-old says that several of his friends have had children and that the couple themselves hope they can become parents in the future, but that this is not something they stress about.

– I’m actually starting to feel ready for it and we should probably have managed it in a reasonable way. It is an opportunity, he says.

Became roommates

Together with his girlfriend, he moved to Byåsen in Trondheim last year. He believes that choice has been very important for his own investment.

– This whole package has been decisive for me. We moved here during the count’s time, shortly before the opening of the season, but it has turned out very well and now everything is finished.

Iversen’s big goal is the WC at home next year. He has put together a team around him to help him along the way, including Trond Nystad in the role of coach. Various family members have also stepped in to help on the road to success in Trondheim.

He tells Adressa that last year he was a “lump of dough”, but now he is a “brick” and that this is a good starting point before the important competitions in 2025. However, he is clear that he must not get too eager.

For the 32-year-old, the last few years have been very challenging, with ups and downs in terms of results. Last year he was dropped from the national team and has since had to venture on his own.

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In the interview with Adressa, he is clear that the future after the WC is uncertain and that he could imagine doing other things. The sponsorship agreements he has today will last until then, Iversen announces.

Get support from home

Despite the fact that his cross-country venture is unclear after the championship in 2025, his girlfriend continues to support him in the goals he sets for himself. Burud says that she wants her boyfriend to work hard for his dreams and that it almost means more to her that he succeeds.

The duo confirmed their relationship last summer, after being a couple for a long time. according to Capital is the boyfriend Kiwi heiress and part owner of NorgesGruppen. She is among the country’s 400 richest people.

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In the interview with Adressa, the two say that Burud is becoming more and more interested in cross-country skiing, but that she did not know who Iversen was.

– I had no relationship with Emil. So, for me, everything has been really cool and the fact that he is world champion in cross-country skiing is just completely raw. I had no idea who you were other than you were a very nice guy. I don’t care about the technical, but the human. If you’re upset or disappointed, we’ll talk about it.

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