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Emotion takes over Marco Zero with Chico Science “present” and the grandeur of Gilberto Gil at the opening of Carnival 2024

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Various previews held the expectations of thousands of revelers, but the Recife Carnival finally began. As usual, the bodies present complemented in sweat and emotion what the timbre of the voice perhaps could not deliver. Not surprisingly, on a day permeated by the symbolism of the Ubuntu ceremony, Tumaraca and Olodum thunderstorms, and the tradition of the Orquestra Popular do Recife, a crowd’s heart beat faster with the “presence” of Chico Science, made possible through a lot of technology . And when perhaps it was no longer likely to improve, Gilberto Gil is showing musical elegance, at this moment, in a night that will close with Raphaela Santos’ cheesy romantic song.

It is 30 years since the release of the album Da Lama ao Caos, the first work by Chico Science and Nação Zumbi. Aware of the importance of the date, Recife City Hall – in partnership with Devassa beer – enhanced the living memory of the artist who catalyzed the Manguebeat Movement. The unprecedented experience on the main stage of the biggest street party in Brazil used numerous modern technical and technological paths, such as holography.

Taking Chico Science to the Marco Zero stage, twenty-seven years after his death, involved several steps and challenges. As it was a musical event, the voice was the starting point. It took weeks of research to find audio files that could be used to reconstruct the singer’s voice, using artificial intelligence, taking into account the parameters of temperature and interaction with the public typical of a “live” performance.

A team of musicians, led by Renato Bandeira, was responsible for creating the musical arrangement and building a current outfit that preserved the identity of the song A Praieira. There were days of studying posture and behavior, combined with Chico Science’s gestures, so that an actor could dub and play the artist, in a studio recording.

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Video capture was one of the most delicate stages: building Chico Science’s face from archive photos, through virtual reality. The recreation was digitally applied to the actor’s body. The images were projected using cutting-edge, very high-resolution equipment onto a very thin screen positioned on the stage. Through the optical illusion caused by the lights, this screen becomes imperceptible, highlighting only the central character. Making everything even more real, the band responsible for creating the arrangement plays live, accompanying the holography.

The complete tribute, entitled Recife Cidade do Mangue, featured Louise and the participation of Céu, Isadora Melo, Ylana, Jorge du Peixe, Maciel Salu, Toca Ogan and Nailson Vieira. In 2024, the musical revolution brought about by Chico Science found its match in the technological leap typical of our times. In the end, the result was the meeting of Recife’s most beloved Mangueboy with the public present at Marco Zero.

“Recife and Chico kind of became one thing. We talk about one and the other automatically comes to mind”, explains Bruno Santos, 38 years old. “We were very lucky to have a musical revolutionary here so close to us. Accompanying this tribute alleviates a little a longing that we never overcome, we only learn to live with.”

Following the night, the genius of Gilberto Gil is charging with energy and enchanting the audience at Marco Zero. With a repertoire that spans decades of history and reflects the rich influences of Brazilian music, Gil is treating revelers to a vibrant fusion of rhythms. Gilberto Gil’s striking voice and magnetic presence not only celebrates Carnival, but also leaves an indelible mark in the memory of those present, reaffirming his place as one of the greatest national icons. Among his hits, he promises to sing ‘Palco” and “Aquele Abraço”.

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“Without a doubt, it was the show I was most looking forward to. It’s very magical to see this guy here in front of me, so close. It’s hard to even believe it,” said Fernanda Pereira, 52 years old. “He brings peace to those who listen, even at a party that is naturally more lively. It’s something only he can do.”

For those with a broken heart or those who have already recovered from a new love, Raphaela Santos’ cheesy song will be the closure that the night needs. And Gabriela Oliveira, 25 years old, details the feeling well. “I don’t think we need to suffer for love to understand, to feel, in fact, what Raphaela goes through with music. I’ve had my questions, but the truth is that when this woman starts to sing, we feel something there inside. It’s even difficult to describe”, he confesses.

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