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End the “Cold War” for nearly a decade!Turkey and the UAE signed ten cooperation agreements covering energy, environment and other fields_Muhammad_Erdogan_region

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Original title: Ending the “Cold War” of the past ten years!Turkey and the UAE signed ten cooperation agreements covering energy, environment and other fields

[Global Times correspondent Huang Peizhao in Egypt]At the invitation of Turkish President Erdogan, Crown Prince Mohammed of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates paid an official visit to Turkey on the 24th. This is Crown Prince Mohammed’s first official visit to Turkey since 2012, and it is also the first high-level meeting between the UAE and Turkey in recent years.

According to the UAE Wam News Agency reported on the 24th, Mohamed and Erdogan held talks on regional situation and other issues that day. After that, the two sides also signed 10 cooperation agreements involving energy, environment, finance and trade between the two countries. In addition, Mohamed Hassan Suwedi, chairman of Abu Dhabi Development Holdings, told the media that the UAE has allocated 10 billion U.S. dollars for investment in Turkey.

Qatar Al Jazeera believes that Mohammed’s “milestone” visit and the signing of multiple cooperation agreements between the two sides marked the beginning of the recovery of Turkish-African relations after the severe cold. The British newspaper The Independent stated that Muhammad’s visit to Turkey marked the end of the “cold war” between the two countries for many years. “Middle East News” stated that the relationship between the two countries had been inconsistent for a long time. Because they belonged to different ethnic groups, and because they were both pursuing regional influence and other reasons, each other had different interests and demands and was deeply hostile to each other. The Middle East media Al-Monitor News Network stated that until recently, Turkey and Afghanistan were still in a close-to-open conflict in Libya. The Libyan National Unity Government supported by Turkey opposed the armed “National Army” in the east, and the latter had military support from the UAE. support. Turkey also accused Crown Prince Mohammed of “participating in an attempted coup attempt to overthrow Erdogan in 2016”.

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“Under the lira crisis, the Turkish President seeks investment from the UAE, a regional competitor.” The Wall Street Journal reported on the 25th that the UAE’s promised investment of tens of billions of dollars may help ease Turkey’s rapid decline in the local currency. Facing the economic crisis. The Turkish lira has depreciated by about 40% in the past 8 months. On the 23rd, the exchange rate of the lira against the US dollar plummeted. Analysts believe that in the case of high domestic inflation, Erdogan still supported the central bank’s interest rate cut policy, which was the direct cause of the lira’s plunge that day. There is also a view that due to the size of Turkey, even if it receives investment from the UAE, it is unlikely to solve broader economic problems.

CNN reported that, in addition to economic reasons, another factor that promotes the significant improvement of relations between Turkey and the UAE is the suspicion of the United States’ “Middle East Commitment”. As the US president shifts his focus to Asia, leaders of the major powers in the Middle East increasingly feel that they need to rely on their own strength to take care of and protect their country. The UAE seems to be deliberately taking the lead in making the Middle East safer. However, according to the analysis of Turkish political analyst Elim, in exchange, the UAE may seek Turkey to make concessions on several regional hotspot issues such as Libya. At the same time, the UAE is also considering joining forces with Turkey to counter Iran.Return to Sohu to see more

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