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Energy war swallowed? He exposed: Russia lost “this piece of pie” (Figure) Russia | Europe | International Energy Agency | Europe |

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Energy war swallowed? He exposed: Russia lost “this piece of pie” (Figure) Russia | Europe | International Energy Agency | Europe |

The picture shows the “Nord Stream 1” natural gas pipeline terminal near Lubmin in northeastern Germany, taken on July 20, 2022. (Image credit: EDOUARD MERLO/AFP via Getty Images)

【See China September 26, 2022】EuropeIn the near future, the peak of winter electricity consumption will be faced, due to the lack ofRussiaEnergy supply will seriously impact Europe.International Energy Agency(IEA) executive director Fatih Birol warns if European countries scramble against each otherenergyfuel, could have serious consequences. But he also asserted that after losing European customers, Russia has effectively “lost” the energy war with Europe.

According to the Financial Times, Birol warned that as concerns over fuel shortages have grown, if European countries restrict their own trade, electricity exports or stop cooperation with their neighbours this winter in a race for energy There will be a “Wild West” situation in Europe. He said that solidarity, one of the founding spirits of the EU, if each country is only for itself, it will undermine the EU’s global influence.

However, Birol also believes that in the past, most of Russia’s natural gas and oil were exported to Europe. However, with the advent of war sanctions, the European continent has turned to find alternative sources of energy. Therefore, Russia has actually lost the energy war with Europe. Now, Russia has lost a good customer forever. Because the customer paid on time and never created any political problems.

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Birol pointed out that Russia’s access to Western technology and capital for overhauling aging oil and gas fields will be limited by sanctions, so there will be challenges in maintaining energy production in the future. Nonetheless, he cautioned against complacency in Europe, even if the continent has met its gas reserve targets ahead of peak winter demand, avoiding the risk of “negative surprises” such as a colder-than-expected winter, but in the coming months , Europe will still face the trauma of a recession and a severe loss of household budgets.

Previously, after being sanctioned by Europe, Russia tried to sell natural gas to the alternative market of Asia, but Birol once criticized in the interview, you are not selling onions in the market, you must set up pipelines, infrastructure and logistics. , it will take at least 10 years to prepare.

Russia escalates energy war Speeding up Europe’s move away from Rosneft

The Beixi No. 1 pipeline was previously repaired for three days. It was originally scheduled to resume gas supply in the early morning of September 3. However, the Russian state-run “Gazprom” (Gazprom) said late on the 2nd that a pressurization station was found during the repair. A turbine leaked oil, so the restoration of supply was suspended. Before the repair, the transmission of natural gas through Beixi (No. 1) will be completely stopped, but it has not been stated how long the supply will be stopped.

In fact, just hours before Russia announced the suspension of supply, the G7 finance ministers meeting had just agreed to set a price ceiling for oil imports from Russia. This move is intended to reduce Russia’s ability to finance its war of aggression and limit Russia’s ability to The impact of the global energy price war. The Kremlin responded by saying it would stop selling oil to any country that imposed a price cap.

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Nord Stream No. 1 is the largest of the four pipelines that transport natural gas from Russia to Europe. Russia has restricted the flow of this pipeline since June. At that time, it was also due to the failure of the turbine. Western sanctions prevented Russia from being able to repair it in time. However, it was reprimanded by European officials. As an excuse, he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin used natural gas to punish Europe for supporting Ukraine. Before this repair, the gas supply of Beixi-1 was 20% of the normal period.

Russia’s complete shutdown of Nord Stream 1 has forced European governments to speed up their efforts to wean themselves off Russian energy. However, the move also deprives Moscow of one of the most powerful economic bargaining chips in Europe. EU Economic Commissioner Jantiloni said that the EU is ready to respond to the complete suspension of supply by Russia. After months of efforts, the EU has stored 80% of the natural gas it needs.

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