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Ericsson with premium 5G services thanks to artificial intelligence

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Ericsson with premium 5G services thanks to artificial intelligence

The Barcelona event is approaching and Ericsson has released a first preview of the innovations that will then be protagonists at the Mobile World Congress.
An innovative solution that allows operators to monetize new services, constantly offering differentiated connectivity

Ericsson announced that it has introduced in its Operations Engine AI-powered intent-based operational capabilitieswhich will allow operators to create differentiated premium 5G services to offer to consumers and businesses.

The operations Intent-based are based on the definition of what the operator wants the network to do or the result requested from the network (such as a prompt). The intent-based system interprets it and manages the network to achieve the goal. Leveraging AI/ML technology and the automation that comes with it, these capabilities enable networks to adapt to changing demands and conditions in real time, delivering a more responsive and adaptive infrastructure for telecommunications, dynamically allocating network resources to ensure a smoother user experience.

The new AI-based operational capabilities introduced by Ericsson will enable an end-to-end model to translate business needs, formulated through intents, into real-time network actions. Exploiting one of the largest libraries of AI and automation use cases for telecommunicationsEricsson Operations Engine is now able to advise and take the necessary actions, to verify that the network intentions are met and help, thanks to predefined strategies, the evaluation of the different options available.

This mechanism of recommendations and actions is completely transparent and helps operators optimize decision-making processesoffering them the speed and agility needed to create a wider variety of applications and use cases, with new services to offer to consumers and businesses.

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This is particularly important in view of the growing diffusion and large-scale adoption – which brings with it greater complexity – of premium 5G services such as network slicing; in this scenario one will become necessary new generation of operational modelswhich will allow operators to monetize the services to be configured and offered on the basis of agreements that establish in detail all the functional and non-functional characteristics.

The technology that Ericsson introduces today will support the creation of networks capable of self-optimizing, based on the approach intent-based and characterized by a very high level of automationwhich will make them able to dynamically adapt to the greater variability in demand for services.

These new AI-based operational capabilities have already been successfully adopted in some experiments carried out by customers such as the Malaysian 5G Network and Infrastructure Development Agency – National Digital Berhad – which exploited them to provide customized 5G services with guaranteed performance.

Ken Tan, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Nasional Berhadhe claims: “The strategic partnership with Ericsson has contributed significantly to Malaysia becoming a world-leading country in 5G performance. Together we have implemented the world‘s first multi-operator Core network, which allows the six mobile operators active in Malaysia to access the 5G radio access network with their Core network, without compromising on user experience or performance net. Adopting AI-powered operations is allowing us to scale without increasing costs, which is essential to making 5G accessible and available to consumers and businesses as the country continues its digitalization journey

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Bradley Mead, Head of Network Managed Services di Ericssoncomments: “With this solution we ensure that Ericsson Operations Engine truly understands the “corporate language” of operators and translates it into specific telco service techniques; the network can thus autonomously provide the desired results and can constantly evolve to meet future needs. It’s a big step forward on our journey towards autonomous networks, and demonstrates that Ericsson Operations Engine continues to be at the forefront of innovation and transformation of telecom network operations”.

CS | In the opening photo of Ericsson: Ülemiste City in Tallinn

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