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EU: draft to include nuclear and gas in green sources. Salvini: League ready for referendum

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Nuclear energy and natural gas green sources? The European Union opens up to this possibility, with the aim of accelerating the path towards a zero-emission Europe. The EU Commission has drawn up a draft plan which, if it receives the support of the majority of Member States, will come into force from 2023. In Italy Matteo Salvini applauds and re-launches: “Italy cannot stand still, the League is also ready to collect signatures for a referendum that will lead our country into an independent, safe and clean energy future”. Instead, rejection from the ranks of the M5S, with the group leader in the Chamber Davide Crippa who attributes old and wrong recipes to Salvini and invites them to adopt faster and more concrete solutions.

The request for a national table

To worry at this moment is above all the expensive bills. After yet another sting on the electricity and gas tariffs front, politics is pressing the government to find a solution to the problem. Salvini, after Thursday’s phone call to Prime Minister Mario Draghi, urges «a national table on expensive bills, a topic that has become, together with Covid, the real urgency of the coming months. Families and productive activities do not wait, ”insists the leader of the League.

A table on which the Ministry of Development is ready to bring “the reflections already started to identify the solutions for the most impacted industrial sectors”, assures the League’s minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, who after having already ensured that the government measures (the latest the 3.8 billion in budget law) will be further strengthened, indicating the need for “urgent choices for families and businesses that imply a more general reflection on the energy sovereignty of our country”.

The table’s proposal is welcomed by Forza Italia, which is preparing to present a package of proposals to the government, announces the vice-president of the group in the Senate Licia Ronzulli, to solve the problem in a structural way, from a greater national production of gas to research on the latest generation of nuclear power.

Other proposals come from the M5s, from the hypothesis of making the use of the extragettito of CO2 auctions structural, up to the idea that those who have obtained enormous profits from the increases contribute to the fight against the energy emergency.

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