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EU, question to von der Leyen and Borrell on Zakharova’s attack on the Republic

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BRUSSELS – The MEP of the Democratic Party Pina Picierno he presented a parliamentary question addressed to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and to the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Joseph Borrell regarding the letter addressed by Maria Zakharova, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, to the director of the Republic Maurizio Molinari in response to an editorial on the massing of Russian military troops on the border with Ukraine.

The spokesperson, reads the note signed by various members of the Democratic Party and the Five Stars, “used offensive tones and seriously denigrated the director and the editorial staff, unequivocally interfering with the freedom of the press and information. Once again the Russian reaction demonstrates. intolerance of dissent, a vocation for intimidation and an attack on the entire Gedi publishing group “.

“It is no coincidence – continues the note – that intimidation coincides on the one hand with Lukashenko’s attempt to put pressure on European borders and his constant violation of the most elementary principles of law and liberal democracy in Belarus and on the other. with the massing of Russian troops along the borders with Ukraine “.

Finally, the text concludes, “we would like to recall the sanctions issued by Moscow against the president of the European Parliament and other European officials. All these actions are a leitmotif, namely the attack on freedoms and the European democratic system”.

In light of these facts, the signatories of the text ask Von Der Leyen and Borrell to clarify “what actions they intend to take to put an end to the interference of a third State in the European press freedom”.

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Among the signatories are the following names: Beghin, Benifei, Bonafè, Castaldo, Chinnici, Cozzolino, Calenda, De Castro, Danti, Ferrara, Furore, Ferrandino, Gemma, Gozi, Giarrusso, Gualmini, Majorino, Moretti, Nart, Lexmann, Pisapia , Olekas, Roberti, Rondinelli, Smeriglio, Simecka, Spurek, Stefanec, Tinagli, Toia.


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