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EU withdraws products containing microplastic | Info

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EU withdraws products containing microplastic |  Info

The EU is introducing a ban on products that contain too much microplastic, because they are harmful to the environment.

Source: MONDO/Lana Stošić

Products containing too much microplastic have been assessed as harmful to the environment and will be withdrawn from sale from October 15. The implementation of the new EU regulation is causing great indignation on social networks, according to German media, as reported by Fenix ​​magazine.

The EU regulation includes all synthetic polymer particles below 5 millimeters that are organic, insoluble and difficult to decompose. Microplastics are used mostly in these products: glitter, cosmetic products, laundry detergents, cleaning products, toys, fertilizers, plant protection products, medicines

The ban now primarily applies to glitter and cosmetic products containing microbeads. These are small plastic balls that are used, for example, to exfoliate the skin. Also, microplastics are used on artificial sports surfaces. According to the European Commission, this is the largest source of intentionally used microplastics in the environment.

“Banning intentionally added microplastics will solve a serious problem for the environment and human health. Microplastics are found in oceans, rivers and on land, as well as in food and drinking water. This restriction affects very small particles, but is a big step towards reducing human-caused pollution action,” says the EU Commissioner for the Environment.

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