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Europe has become the epicenter of the global epidemic and anti-epidemic measures have triggered protests in many places

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Original title: Europe has become the epicenter of the global epidemic and anti-epidemic measures have triggered protests in many places. Source: Reference News Network

Reference News Network reported on November 24 According to a report from Agence France-Presse on November 22 in Berlin, Europe has regained its status as the epicenter of the global epidemic, and the restart of measures to deal with the new crown virus has triggered violence in several European countries.

According to the report, Germany was deeply disturbed by the surge in new coronavirus infections on Monday, while its neighbor Austria has begun to adopt new lockdown measures, which is unprecedented in Europe since the launch of large-scale vaccination.

The German Minister of Health Jens Spann warned in a shocking way that “it may be the end of winter”, where “almost everyone will be vaccinated, cured or dying” because of the delta that has been raging for several weeks. Variant strains are “extremely contagious.”

Last week, the number of new infections in a single day in Germany exceeded 65,000, and Chancellor Merkel issued a warning that the current restrictions are “not enough.”

Although the Austrians took to the streets to express their strong dissatisfaction last weekend, they were again prevented from going out due to the blockade from midnight. The measure will continue until December 13.

Vienna’s shops, restaurants, Christmas markets, concert halls and hairdressers have all closed on Monday. Since the launch of mass vaccination, no country in the EU has dared to restart this measure.

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Former Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz had previously declared the pandemic “end”, at least for those who had been vaccinated.

Faced with a surge in cases that has not been seen since the beginning of the pandemic, Kurtz’s successor, Alexander Schellenberg, had to make up his mind to take some “extreme” measures that he initially rejected.

In addition to blockade measures, from February 1, 2022, Austria will implement mandatory adult vaccination. So far, few countries in the world have formulated such policies.

In addition, according to a report on the New York Times website on November 22, in the face of a surge in infection rates-more than 2 million new cases in a single week, the highest number since the outbreak of the epidemic-European governments are strengthening measures against new coronary pneumonia. This triggered popular resistance, and violent protests broke out in many European countries last weekend.

According to the report, in Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and Croatia, tens of thousands of people participated in protests to oppose the government’s blockade and vaccination requirements. Violent clashes occurred sporadically and the police used tear gas and high pressure. water gun.

Ahmed Abu Talib, the mayor of Rotterdam, where some of the most serious protests took place, called these incidents a “violent carnival.”

According to the World Health Organization, Europe has once again become the center of the new crown pandemic. More than half of the new crown deaths reported worldwide this month came from Europe; the top four countries in the world with the new diagnosis rate in the past week are all in Europe; the new diagnosis rate 27 of the 29 highest countries are in Europe.

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As the vaccination rate drops and winter approaches, more and more governments are ringing the alarm.

In the face of severe prevention and control measures, about 40,000 Austrians marched in Vienna last Saturday to protest these new measures.

According to the report, the vaccination rate in Belgium is as high as 75%, but the increase in confirmed cases has led the government to implement stricter restrictions, including allowing more people to work at home and more widely mandatory wearing masks. This led to about 35,000 people protesting near the EU headquarters in Brussels last Sunday.

In addition, according to a report on the French “Echo” website on November 22, at the moment when the government is handing over, Germany is not prepared for the fourth wave of the new crown epidemic. The surge in infections and repeated calls for vaccinations eventually promoted the vaccination campaign. In the past two weeks, the vaccination campaign has developed so rapidly that it ran out of Biotech-Pfizer vaccine stocks.

The German Minister of Health Span decided to restrict the supply of this vaccine to the states and called for the priority use of the American Modena vaccine, which triggered another protest.

Spann assured that there would be no issue of withholding the Byentec vaccine to use the “older” vaccine, but to ensure the speed of vaccination so that more than 25 million people can receive booster shots before the end of the year.


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