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Europe: the desert on the horizon – Fofoot

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Europe: the desert on the horizon – Fofoot

Football is universal. We knew it, we now measure it behind the recent offensives of Saudi Arabia on the European transfer market. The kingdom strikes back and the reasons to believe in the advance of the desert multiply…

Will Saudi Arabia KILL FOOTBALL? – Foot Mercato

Manchester City victory

Man City European champion, the signal has been given. “Football has changed”, as a certain French communication genius would say. On the greenback side, it has now passed. Financial Fair Play non-existent, the Saudis are playing Cityzens between the bleachers and it works very well.

Mercato Express: Mahrez will join Benzema in Saudi Arabia? – Bein Sports France


Yes to high standards, no to ingratitude. Today footballers have become commodities in the literal sense of the word. As soon as the expiration date shows up, it’s the trash: a real consumer society.

Cristiano Ronaldo DISMISSED from Manchester United (it’s official!!) 💣 – La Quotidienne #1170 – Telefoot

An excessive capitalism in which racism roams easily, pushes the players to ask themselves questions about their future. “Why give your all for a football that will let you go as soon as you miss a game ? », Sadio Mané and company are certainly wondering.

🚨Sadio Mané targeted by Saudi Arabia – Turnaround at Barça – Senegal-Morocco – Real – Sen Tv

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Ronaldo was unfairly kicked out of Manchester United and paved the way to the Golden Bridge for all those talents who suffered the same fate as him. Karim Benzema, Édouard Mendy, Kalidou Koulibaly, Hakim Ziyech and Ngolo Kante will follow him into the world of misunderstood geniuses treated at their fair values, under the envious gaze of their colleagues who remained at the quay.

Mercato Express: Ziyech will play with Cristiano Ronaldo! – Bein Sports France

Time is money

If CR7 can, anyone can. On all generations, its impact is as real as the future of Mbappé handsome. If last year Look refused Real Madrid to extend at PSG is that he can play in Saudi Pro League.

Kylian Mbappé stays at Paris Saint-Germain! – Prime Video Sport France

What made the beauty of European football was its simplicity. He was accessible everywhere and for everyone, before letting himself be taken in by the fine words of money like a young beginner. Nasser Al Khelaifi alongside Aleksander Ceferin, against the Super League, he is now trapped: sitting to the right of the Arabian Peninsula and opposite Saudi Arabia.

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Does Nasser Al-Khelaifi have the right to be confident that the Super League won’t happen? | ESPN FC

Money is never on the side of those with empty pockets. In demonstrating, the people have therefore wasted their time, their players. Passion having run away, they will go to the highest bidder.

UEFA’s biggest mistake is to have let the bank take over the athlete. In the NBA, for example, finances play a major role without taking center stage. The players are well paid, but forced to be well educated.

🚨 Ja Morant suspended 25 games 🚨 Stephen A. and Woj offer opinions | First Take – ESPN

The attitude before sport, sport before money, and American basketball continues to seduce, despite the wrinkles. Unlike soccer, where the footballer, because he is well paid, has taken power to finally realize that he is the first loser of this large-scale fraud.

The Mbappé CLAN does NOT WANT to make a CROSS on 250 M€ | JT Foot Mercato – Foot Mercato

A misplaced youth

Despite its obvious factuality, some still associate the blizzard of Green Hawks to a small unimportant wind which in its passage, carries only the thirty-somethings. These players with an incredible track record who under other skies are royally anticipated.

Benzema in Saudi Arabia: Do you understand this choice to go to Al-Ittihad? – RMC Sports

“In Africa, an old man who dies is a library that burns”, said Amadou Hampâté Ba, Malian writer. In Europe, firefighters are overworked and young people are weakened. Gifted but deprived of advice, the latter waste their time growing up, turning violently against their institutions. Mistakes that could have been avoided if the vieux stayed close to them. “If youth knew and old age could” : No time for regrets!

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Lunatic – “No Time For Regrets” official music video


Clubs, they went to players to certainly close the taps soon. If they can bring the best to their home, buyouts from the big teams become useless.

Takeover of Manchester United by Qatar: What impact for PSG? – The Team

In addition, European football is on the edge of the hole. Without the financial windfall of the Gulf, its days are numbered like Paris deprived of the Qataris and City of the Emiratis. The sums he injects into the teams of the Old continent benefit all its leagues, making them dependent. They came, they saw and they conquered. Place for the export of gray matter.

Man City drops €285m on Guardiola to recruit! | Press review – Foot Mercato

“I think Saudi Arabia is making a mistake for domestic football. It reproduces the mistakes of China by recruiting players at the end of their career. We haven’t lost Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Karim Benzema. They are still playing. But they are at the end of their career. At this stage of their career, many players go to clubs to earn money. But it’s not all about the money. The best players want to win the best competitions, and the best competitions are in Europe. Can you name a top player who went to Saudi Arabia at the top of his game or at the start of his career? », questions Mr. Ceferin, UEFA boss arrogantly, forgetting that it is the wages that hold their players back. The Saudi response:

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« This talk is fake (on players at the end of their career). We do not hire players at the end of their career. Al Hilal will sign Rúben Neves, who is 26 years old and was courted by Barcelona. Benzema arrived at Al-Ittihad after winning the Ballon d’Or at Real Madrid. We’re only just starting. But all transferable players will now be targeted by Saudi clubs. The experience in China has nothing to do with us, it’s pure marketing. Football is not popular there. In Arabia, we have a state project and we will not limit ourselves to the four big teams, but to all of them. Because the Saudi passion for football has no limits. », Hafez Al-Medlej, Chairman of the Marketing Committee of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), confides scathingly:

“The Champions League is the jewel in the crown of all European leagues and this tournament is based on two elements: the clubs, which are giant entities, and the players. The departure of the big European stars will be a blow for the champions and the tournament will lose much of its value. Look at LaLiga, it lost a lot with Ronaldo’s departure to Juventus. And she lost even more with the departure of Messi to PSG. The departure of European stars will impact sponsorship and TV deals », continues the PHDannouncing the colors of merciless competition:

“Messi is the best footballer at the moment and his signing would have been of great value. But we’re not going to make up for it with a replacement. We hope Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva arrives. We should also start working on the signing of Mohamed Salah, who enjoys great popularity in the Arab world and in Europe. »

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