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Eva Kristin Hansen finished as deputy chairman of Trøndelag Ap

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Eva Kristin Hansen finished as deputy chairman of Trøndelag Ap

Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB

The Ap politician sent the letter that she will not stand for re-election to the party leadership one week before the dramatic annual meeting in Trondheim Ap, reports TV 2.

Tuesday 20 February at 14:40

– It has been a pleasure to work with many of you. I hope this collaboration can continue in my role as a parliamentary representative for Trøndelag, writes Hansen in a letter to the members, according to TV 2.

– Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank myself as deputy chairman of Trøndelag Ap. I have notified the election committee that it is time to release new powers.

On Monday, VG wrote about a letter from the election committee of the Trondheim Labor Party to the board of the local team.

“We believe Eva should not be appointed as leader of future election committees”, wrote a majority of the selection committee.

The letter addressed several elements from a chaotic annual meeting on 9 and 10 February.

  • Gunn Elin Høgli was thrown out as leader of Trondheim Ap after a motion of no confidence. Høgli claims she was pressured to resign by Eva Kristin Hansen.
  • Jørn Arve Flått resigned as deputy chairman and called the process a “coup” and believed it appeared “coordinated and directed”.
  • Only a few hours before the Trondheim Labor Party’s new board was to be elected, the election committee submitted its recommendation.
  • Trond Giske was elected at the last minute as deputy chairman, after Marit Selfjord proposed to switch places with him.

About Eva Kristin Hansen they wrote:

“In sum, we are critical of how the chairman of the election committee has managed the work in the committee. Especially how she pushed for us to appoint a new leader when this is against the articles of association.”

Eva Kristin Hansen has responded to the criticism in a separate letter to the board, which VG has also seen:

“To the best of my ability and based on my conscience, I have done everything I can to bring the team together. It turned out to be difficult, and we have to live with that,” writes Hansen in the letter.

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