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Everything about Campinas Decor 2024 – MONDO MODA

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Everything about Campinas Decor 2024 – MONDO MODA

The MONDO MODA Portal follows the Campinas Decor since April 2007, when we participated in the breakfast announcing the edition that would take place at Estação Guanabara. Since then, we have been present at all times. We have spent 17 years as promoters and observers of trends in the world of Architecture, Decoration and Landscaping.
We have the greatest respect for the event. We know how much work was done to produce each edition. We can clearly state that, without a doubt, Campinas Decor is the main Architecture, Decoration and Landscaping Exhibition in the interior of the state of São Paulo and one of the largest in the country.
In its 26 years, the exhibition served as a showcase for the recognition and appreciation of hundreds of market professionals, whose projects were awarded, admired and revered.
After two years of absence, the 26th edition of the exhibition will take place at the Relógio Building, one of the buildings in the Pátio Ferroviário de Campinas, between March 29th and May 26th, 2024.
Jorge Marcelo Oliveira, editor of MONDO MODA, spoke with the current directors of the show. The result of the interview can be seen below.

Clock Building will house Campinas Decor 2024 @ MONDO MODA

What are the main challenges when taking over from Sueli Cardoso – director of Campinas Decor for more than two decades?
There were many challenges faced, both technical and bureaucratic, but the main one was the need to supply the leadership that Sueli exercised within the company as a whole. It took many conversations with exhibitors for them to understand the changes and challenges that lay ahead.
The formation of the Campinas Decor Council was extremely important to facilitate communication between organizers and professionals in the sector.

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Speaking of which, there was a total restructuring of the previous management to the current one. How is the current composition?
Yes, there was a total restructuring, since the previous management was centralized by Sueli and the current one is made up of three organizers, Fernando Penteado, Hebe Fontenele and Arthur Penteado. We also have a marketing/events director, Cris Soutelo. Each one takes care of a specific area and collaborates in the execution of the exhibition as a whole.
Furthermore, a search began for partnerships that could contribute to the realization of items that were previously the responsibility of Campinas Decor, such as, for example, the magazine and social networks. In this regard, the initiative was taken to transform Instagram into a permanent communication tool with the public and professionals in the field.

Why was the proposal to hold the exhibition in a public building maintained?
Campinas Decor has always had the premise of being itinerant and seeking to restore spaces that have a relationship with society. Since 2003, Campinas Decor has renovated public buildings and the response from the population has been very positive.
There are many dilapidated public buildings in our city and the recovery of these spaces generates interest among the population.
Although we have already recovered several public buildings, we have many private sector spaces that are relevant to the population, such as Fazenda Santa Margarida, which is now an important event space within the city.

What happened to the exhibition not being held in 2022 and 2023?
The restoration of the clock building was a highly complex project. Tiles were washed and replaced, the woodwork was replaced only where it was deteriorated and the glass was reinstalled. All these steps had to be carried out with extreme care to preserve the site’s history, causing the work to be delayed. This justifies the postponement of the exhibition until this year, 2024.

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What are the responsibilities of Campinas City Hall to prepare the building for the exhibition?
The city council carried out all the plumbing infrastructure, through Sanasa, and released funds, through EIVE, to carry out the revitalization and glass replacement works.

Clock Building will house Campinas Decor 2024 @ MONDO MODA

The building is huge, but will the Exhibition only take place in part of it? What will be done with the remainder?
Yes, we will only use a part of it. The remainder will be used for city hall events. We will soon be pleased to announce the partnership that will be formed on the rest.

The edition will feature a Council made up of market professionals. What is the role of this Council?
It is to guide the organization and act as an intermediary with professionals in the area. It was also important in obtaining sponsorships and partnerships for samples.

Who are the sponsors of the edition?
AGC Cyberglass, Leo Sob Medida, SIB – Huehoco, Deca, ATM, Eco Brisa, Casa Mestre Marceneiro, Tecprag, MBM, Cortag, Hunter Douglas, Sim Valinhos, Móveis Trevisan, Drom Decor, Royal Palm Plaza, Anjos Colchões, Edinho Designer and D&D. The store for the edition will be Davos Decor e Presentes Ltda and Café Agro Fonte Alta.

How many indoor and outdoor environments will the Exhibition have?
We have 44 environments, of which 42 are internal and two are external.

Could you mention the names of the main exhibitors?
All exhibitors are very important, from those who are just starting out to those who are solidified in the market. We can mention those who participated in several editions, such as: Rita Diniz, João Jannini, Cris Sagarra, Anderson Leite, Patrícia Moreno, among others.

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Clock Building will house Campinas Decor 2024 @ MONDO MODA

In addition to the visiting spaces, what events will the exhibition offer in 2024?
The grandeur of the building requires that the 2024 exhibition be transformed into a multipurpose space, which will host fashion shows, exhibitions, vernissage, lectures and seeking to renew the public. On Saturdays the event will host a Sunset Party.

What will happen to the Clock Building after the Exhibition is held?
The building will be returned to the public authorities to hold events. We will soon have news to announce, such as future partnerships involving Campinas Decor and Campinas City Hall.

Why does the public need to visit the 26th edition of Campinas Decor?
To see the incredible building that was hidden from the eyes of the city, in the middle of the Emdec courtyard. It is an opportunity for the population to connect with the past and origins of Companhia Mogiana, which was so important to the city’s development. It is also an opportunity to connect with the future, observing the beautiful works of the professionals who make up Campinas Decor. In this edition, the present, past and future will be presented to visitors to the exhibition.

26th Campinas Decor – Architecture, Decoration and Landscaping Exhibition
Date: March 29th to May 26th, 2024
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 2pm to 10pm / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 12:30pm to 10pm
Location: Clock Building – Pátio Ferroviário (Rua Dr. Sales de Oliveira, 1380, Vila Industrial – Campinas – SP)
Ticket office on site, until 8:30 pm
Ticket price: R$ 60.00 (full) | R$ 30.00 (half) | R$ 100.00 (*passport for all days – except for closed events)
Parking fee: R$ 30.00

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