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Exclusive Interview with Putin: Russia-Ukraine Relations and International Accusations

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Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his first interview to an American reporter in two years, talking to well-known American news anchor Tucker Carlson about the situation between Russia and Ukraine. The interview, recorded at the Kremlin, was broadcast on Carlson’s personal website and social media accounts, and lasted over two hours.

During the interview, Putin expressed his hopes for a peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian issue through negotiations. He emphasized that Russia has continually proposed peaceful solutions and is willing to cooperate with any Ukrainian leader. However, Putin indicated that the lack of progress in negotiations since the Istanbul talks in March 2022 has been a hindrance to a peaceful resolution.

The Russian President also stated that he had warned the United States not to support the situation in Ukraine, saying that doing so would be a grave historic mistake. He claimed that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine was triggered by a 2014 “coup” in Ukraine, which he says was supported by the CIA. From Putin’s perspective, the expansion of NATO eastward and Ukraine’s alignment with the Western alliance further exacerbated the conflict.

Putin also discussed the explosion of the “Nord Stream” natural gas pipeline, stating that the CIA bears responsibility for the incident. He asserted that the entirety of the world knows about the incident and that the people responsible must be found.

The interview with Putin came after Carlson accused the Biden administration of attempting to block him from speaking with the Russian President. The White House Press Secretary, Karina Jean-Pierre, denied Carlson’s allegations, calling them “ridiculous.”

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The interview has sparked debate, with Carlson claiming that many Western media reports on the Russia-Ukraine conflict are biased towards Ukraine, while many Western journalists have reported being rejected by the Kremlin when requesting to interview Putin.

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