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Expert tips for wild camping chaos: you should choose a mature and planned campsite – Xinhua English.news.cn

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After a flash flood in the “Longcao Valley”, an Internet celebrity spot, killed 7 people, many netizens were worried about the safety of camping in the “wild Internet celebrity check-in place”. On August 14, after the flash flood in Pengzhou, Sichuan, the voices about the unsafe camping of such “wild Internet celebrity check-in places” gradually increased. In the opinion of industry experts, there may be some risks in camping in undeveloped “wild Internet celebrity check-in spots”, and tourists should choose undeveloped scenic spots carefully.

On-site search and rescue investigation is nearing completion

The occurrence of torrential floods in “Longcao Valley”, an online celebrity attraction in Pengzhou, Sichuan, has attracted the attention of the whole people. On August 14, according to the “Pengzhou Release” official WeChat news, so far, the sudden flash flood has caused a total of 7 deaths and 8 minor injuries. The on-site search and rescue work is coming to an end, and aftermath work has been launched for the families of the victims.

According to a video released on the Internet, many tourists camped near the “Longcao Valley” before the flash flood. At the time of the incident, some tourists did not even have time to put away the canopy built beside the river, and were swept down by the sudden flash flood. Tourists who had no time to evacuate were trapped in the flood.

As of press time, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily searched for “Longcaogou” on some social platforms and other platforms and found that the content of the relevant “wild internet celebrity check-in place” has become “travel, safety first, do not stay or play in dangerous places. “Wait.

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Wild camping chaos

Since the beginning of this year, “camping” has become a high-frequency word on various social platforms, and it has also become the preferred way for many tourists to travel on vacation, but the chaos that follows has also begun to occur frequently. Many netizens reported on the Internet that they encountered tourists who left garbage everywhere after camping. In addition to food packaging bags and beverage bottles, there were even deflated inflatable boats and gas tanks.

Not only the chaos, but the hidden safety hazards of camping are also worth thinking about. Mr. Wang, who is more experienced in camping, said: “In some camping sites, we have encountered many people who do not know how to install tents. The tents are not fixed with ground nails, so the safety hazard will be much greater.”

An abandoned mine on the outskirts of Hangzhou has even become a “net celebrity camping check-in place” and is favored by tourists. “In the past two years, as long as someone came to camp here by car during the inspection, we will persuade them to return. The pond in the mine is more than ten meters deep, and there are no safety facilities around. If there is an accident such as falling into the water or falling rocks, it is impossible to Rescue in time.” said the person in charge of protection of the mining area.

Travel with caution to undeveloped attractions

While camping has become the most popular way of travel nowadays, how to regulate development has also become a topic of concern in the industry.

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As early as 2015, the national standard put forward clear guidelines for the location of tent campsites. Tent campsites should avoid landslides, floods, huge waves, high-voltage lines, lightning-prone areas and other areas prone to natural disasters, as well as areas with harmful activities. Plants or ecologically fragile areas.

In response to the chaos of camping, many places have also studied and promulgated camping industry norms. In the “Administrative Measures for Tent Construction in Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area (Trial)” announced by Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area, it is stipulated that tourists can set up tents in designated areas and places, and must not use tents with wind ropes and ground nails.

The “Guidelines for the Management of Chengdu Parks (Greenways) Sunshine Tent Areas (Trial)” issued by the Chengdu Park Urban Construction Administration in June also proposed that the sun tent areas should have signs (including but not limited to guide boards, public signs, etc. ), do a good job of route guidance, and define the boundaries of the tent erection area; and stipulate that the tent area should choose an area with relatively flat terrain, and the slope should not be greater than 15 degrees.

According to industry experts, consumers should also increase their safety awareness when camping. Zhu Lixin, a partner at Beijing Guoda Law Firm, said that campers should be very cautious about going to camps in non-managed areas. Even if you go, you should understand the road conditions, environment, weather and other possible risk factors by yourself.

Wu Liyun, associate professor of the Chinese Culture and Tourism Industry Research Institute of Beijing International Studies University, also said: “Now many places have carried out planning and norms for camping, campers should try to choose mature and planned camping sites. If you want to choose camping in the wild environment It is necessary to find more relevant information beforehand to investigate its safety.”

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