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[Family Join Week Information Part 4]Golden Week is full of Reds every day! | URAWA RED DIAMONDS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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[Family Join Week Information Part 4]Golden Week is full of Reds every day! | URAWA RED DIAMONDS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

This year’s Golden Week will feature two J1 home games at Saitama Stadium! We’re calling these two games “Family Join Week,” and we’re preparing a lot of family-friendly events!
We will bring you the latest event information, including the “Bread Festival” for the 4/28 match against Nagoya and the “Fluffy Play Equipment” that is very popular with children for the 5/6 Yokohama FM match!

There will be plenty of Reds family events during this year’s Golden Week!
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Urawa Reds Ladies will also play two home games, and will also hold their annual Kids Festa at Reds Land on May 4th!

Let’s all enjoy the best Golden Week, filled with Reds every day!

Family Join Week special page

4/28 (Sun) Match against Nagoya

During the Nagoya game, the popular event “Bread Festival” will be coming to Saitama Stadium again this year!
The most popular bakeries from all over the country gather at Saitama!

Check out the stores you’d like to visit in advance on the page where you can list each store! Even if you don’t have a ticket for the game, you can still enjoy the event. Please feel free to visit us!

In addition, there are many other events such as Heartful Soccer, which has a larger number of participants than usual, and the Redear Family visiting!
Click here for event and booth information for the match against Nagoya.

5/6 (Monday/Closed) Yokohama F. Marinos match

During the match against Yokohama F. Marinos, working vehicles and fluffy play equipment will be on display at the Daimon Kamiike Regulatory Pond Plaza (hereinafter referred to as the Regulatory Pond Plaza) adjacent to Saitama Stadium 2002 Park, allowing everyone to enjoy it all day long. We are ready and waiting for you!
Enjoy the last day of Golden Week with your family at Saitama Stadium!

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A large gathering of working vehicles!
Location: Inside the regulation pond plaza (planned)
Time 13:00~17:00
A large gathering of cars that protect the town, such as police cars and fire trucks, as well as Urawa Reds partner vehicles! You can ride some of the vehicles, experience police uniforms, and take photos.
◎Example of a working car
Police car, motorcycle, earthquake disaster response vehicle, Reds taxi, tire roller, mobile ATM vehicle, aerial work vehicle, fire pump truck

Demonstration run by Saitama Prefectural Police female motorcycle police officer
Location: Inside the regulation pond plaza (planned)
Adjusting time
A demonstration will be held by a female motorcycle police officer from the Traffic Police Department of the Saitama Police Headquarters, who will control a vehicle weighing approximately 300 kg and captivate the audience with her brilliant driving techniques.

※The photograph is an image

Fluffy play equipment
Location: Inside the regulation pond plaza (planned)
Time 13:00~17:00
Participation fee free
A large collection of popular fluffy play equipment such as “Jumbo Slide Climbing”, “Maze”, and “Inverted Bungee Trampoline” where you can experience climbing safely!
*Parents and children can participate in the maze.

Family join workshop
(1) Making a flower corsage

Let’s support Urawa Reds by making a flower corsage that can be worn as a head accessory or decoration!
The required working time is about 15 minutes

(2) Making original hand towels

You can experience making your own original hand towel by cutting design paper with designs such as Lady’s and club emblems on it with scissors and combining the designs.
Enjoy making your own original towel.
Required time: Approximately 20 to 25 minutes (including heat transfer processing time)

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*Workshops will be held on a first-come, first-served basis, and registration will close when capacity is reached.
Location: Inside the regulation pond plaza (planned)
Participation fee: 300 yen per workshop
Time 13:00~17:00
*Design image will be updated at a later date

Click here for event and booth information for the match against Yokohama F. Marinos on May 6th (Monday/Closed)

In addition, there are many Reds events during Golden Week!

“Red’s Land Kids Festa 2024”
Red’s Land Kids Festa is an annual event. We have planned an event that will be enjoyed to the fullest this year.
In the morning session, enjoy trying out body-based attractions and quizzes, collecting stamps and aiming for the goal! All-out stamp rally!
In the afternoon, we played mini sports games that everyone could enjoy and played freely on the artificial turf in Red’s Land.
Why not play to the fullest at Red’s Land, which is full of greenery, on May 4th this year?

■Participation fee

Children (18 years and under) free/Adults 500 yen
*Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.

■Application deadline

Until April 23rd (Tue) 23:59
*Advance application is required.

Click here for application and details

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Urawa Reds Ladies
■Home matches held at Urawa Komaba Stadium during Golden Week

・April 27th (Sat) 14:00 Kickoff 2023-24 WE League Round 17 Sanfrecce Hiroshima Regina match[MATCH PARTNER DHL]
・May 3rd (Friday/Holiday) 14:00 Kickoff 2023-24 WE League Round 18 Cerezo Osaka Yanmar Ladies match[MATCH PARTNER Mitsubishi Heavy Industries]

On April 27th (Saturday) during the Super Hiroshima R game, we will be holding a festival called “Reds Ladies Smile Festa Delivered by DHL” where children can enjoy autograph sessions, talk shows, and more!
Click here for details

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Golden Week Urawa Reds Calendar
(Women’s Top Team) 4/27 (Sat) S Hiroshima R match (14:00, Urawa Komaba)
(Men’s Top Team) 4/28 (Sun) Match against Nagoya (15:00, Saitama Stadium)
(Men’s Top Team) 5/3 (Friday/Holiday) Match against Kawasaki (16:00/U Todoroki)
(Women’s Top Team) 5/3 (Friday/Holiday) vs. C Osaka (14:00, Urawa Komaba)
(Reds Land) 5/4 (Sat/Holiday) Reds Land Kids Festa 2024 (10:00/Reds Land)
(Men’s Top Team) 5/6 (Monday/Closed) Yokohama FM match (17:00, Saitama Stadium)
(Women’s Top Team) 5/6 (Monday/Closed) EL Saitama match (14:00, Kumagaya Riku)

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