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FantaSanremo 2024 points, the complete list of bonuses and penalties

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FantaSanremo 2024 points, the complete list of bonuses and penalties

After the media explosion in 2022, FantaSanremo has become an essential activity for lovers of the singing festival. From Tuesday 6 to Saturday 10 February Amadeus will host the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival which will see thirty artists competing. All eyes on the performances, which are also important for the points of the social competition.

fantasanremo, the list of bonuses and penalties

From the 10 points of the Elettra bonus in case of twerking on the stage of the Ariston Theater to the 20 points of the audience’s group hand-wrapping passing through the 30 of the orchestra’s standing ovation, the FantaSanremo organization has published the list of all the bonuses that will allow earn points in the social competition.

Parallel to the activities that will allow you to climb the game’s ranking, there will also be those that will result in a deduction of points, such as falling on the staircase.

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FantaSanremo 2024, advice on who to take

In 2022 Emma triumphed by climbing to the top step of the podium with 575 points, last year it was Marco Mengoni’s turn who took first place at the event and at FantaSanremo. Who will win the 2024 edition of the social game?

Here are all the bonuses of FantaSanremo 2024:

Ranking bonus

Positioning in the final ranking: from 100 points for the first place to four for the fourteenth and 30 for the last

Critics’ awards

Mia Martini Critics Award: 25 points
Lucio Dalla Press Room Award: 25 points
Sergio Bardotti Award (best text): 25 points
Giancarlo Bigazzi Award (best musical composition): 25 points
Other prizes not mentioned above presented on stage: 10 points

Good to the person

Sixth sangiovanni: 6 points
The Three third: 3 points
Maninni presented by Mannino: 5 points
Fiorella presented by Fiorello: 5 points
Gazelles chased by a police gazelle⁶¯⁹: 10 points
Mr.Rain performs with the umbrella (if opened the bonus becomes a penalty): 10 points
The Kolors perform via link from Ibiza: 20 points
Nek finds Laura in the audience: 1 points

Bonus Amarcord

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Dargen Bonus: Wear sunglasses: 5 points
Aries Bonus: Wear a Hat: 5 points
Troop Bonus: Wear a tank top: 10 points
Bonus Emma: Wear a crown or tiara: 10 points
Berti Bonus: outfit depicting scallops: 10 points
Electra Bonus: Twerking: 10 points
Pelù Bonus: the artist steals a purse or personal effect from a member of the public: 20 points
Morandi Bonus: Fucks on stage: 18 points
Pink Bonus: kisses a member of the audience (doubles on the mouth, triples in French style): 10 points
Achilles Bonus: “lying on the ground like the Doors”: 10 points
Rkomi Bonus: tumbling (vendonvedo doesn’t count⁴): 10 points
Måneskin Bonus: scape✖✖olata (seeing does not count⁵): 10 points

Evening bonuses

Artist presented by co-host: 5 points
Guest featured artist: 10 points
Artist presented as an international guest: 15 points
First “presenting” artist of the evening: 5 points
Last “presenting” artist of the evening: 5 points
Maestro Enrico Melozzi conducts the orchestra⁶: 20 points
Maestro Beppe Vessicchio conducts the orchestra⁶: 25 points
Play an instrument⁶ (in groups the bonus is valid only for the singer, not for any choristers): 10 points
Belly button in plain sight (with the piercing doubles): 5 points
Barefoot: 5 points
Dancers: 10 points
Performers (other types of performances with the participation of non-competing performers excluding dancers): 15 points
Goes down to the audience: 15 points
Real or fake flower in real or fake hair: 10 points
Small drop: 20 points
Slickback: 25 points
Splits: 25 points
Stage diving: 30 punti
Maracaibo: public train: 30 points
Group tissue punching by the audience: 20 points
Unplanned stage invasion: 30 points
Swear words⁷¯⁸: 10 points
Statements, gestures or symbols against any discrimination⁷¯⁸: 10 points
Statements, gestures or symbols in favor of peace and/or against war⁷¯⁸: 10 points
Post-performance words of thanks: 5 points
Standing ovation from the Ariston crowd (if partial the bonus is halved): 20 points
Orchestra standing ovation: 30 points
Last artist to perform (every evening, excluding any play-offs and encores): 10 points

Bonus Premium

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Performs with and/or conducts the FantaSanremo Orchestra⁶¯⁹: 20 points

Feathered Outfit: 10 points

Performs at cockcrow: first artist to perform: 10 points

Raise your crest: performance or part of it on the steps of the Ariston¹²: 10 points

Cuddling parenthesis: hug the handler: 10 points

Playful parenthesis: High 5 to the co-host: 10 points

Sentimental parenthesis: emotion (if with evident tearing the bonus doubles): 5 points

Wins the cover night: 25 points

Dedicate the song to a family member, friend or partner⁷¯⁸: 10 points

Goes down the steps hand in hand with a guest: 10 points

The artist leaves a hanging coffee “at Papalina” for another competing artist⁶¯⁹: 20 points

Total black outfit: 10 points

Flared trousers: 15 points

Acetate-style track jacket: 20 points

Performing after midnight¹⁰: 5 points

Performs after one: 10 points

Artist who stays on stage the longest¹¹: 10 points

Solidarity bonus

Give one or more flowers to the conductor: 10 points

Weekly bonuses

Wear or show the “FantaSanremo” scarf in the Rai Radio2 studio live on channel 202⁶¯⁹: 10 points

Social live with @fantasanremo⁶¯⁹: 10 points

Palpatine or lucky touch on the statue of Mike Bongiorno⁶¯⁹: 10 points

Draw a mustache on your own poster (for example the tour poster) in the streets of Sanremo⁶¯⁹: 10 points

Selfie or photo with the Sanremo lights tribute to Toto Cotugno⁶¯⁹: 10 points

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The lineup for the first evening of Sanremo 2024

Here are all the penalties for FantaSanremo 2024:

Positioning in the final ranking: from sixteenth to twenty-ninth place

The presenter¹³ gets the song title wrong during the pre-performance presentation¹⁴: -15 points
The presenter¹³ gets the artist’s name wrong during the pre-performance presentation¹⁴: -10 points
The presenter¹³ gets the names of the authors, composers and/or conductor wrong during the pre-performance presentation¹⁴: -5 points
Artist “presenter” gets song title wrong during pre-performance presentation¹⁵: -15 points
“Presenter” artist gets artist name wrong during pre-performance presentation¹⁵: -10 points
Artist “presenter” gets the name of the authors, composers and/or conductor wrong during the pre-performance presentation¹⁵: -5 points
Does not go down the steps¹² of the Ariston¹⁶ (pre-performance): -5 points
Trip on the staircase¹² (pre-performance): -20 points
Fall on the staircase¹² (pre-performance): -50 points
Forgets words from the lyrics of your song during the competition by making a silent scene or mumbling for a few seconds: -10 points
Sits on the stairs or on the floor (does not count if he sits down to lie down): -5 points
The artist accidentally drops the microphone or microphone stand: -10 points
Technical problems causing the song to stop: -20 points
Trip or fall during performance: -20 points
Falling or noticeable movement of the dentures: -25 points
Falling of the toupee or shifting of the carry: -25 points
Argues with the public: -25 points
Boos of disapproval from the Ariston crowd clearly audible: -30 points
Discriminatory speech and/or jokes: -30 points
He kicks roses on stage (if Gianni Morandi fucks on stage live the penalty is cancelled): -60 points
Blasphemy live: -66.6 points
Disqualified song and/or artist: -100 points

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Sanremo 2024, all the lyrics of the 30 competing songs

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