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Farewell to Silvio Berlusconi, national mourning and state funerals. Pier Silvio: ‘I could not have done anything alone’ – Politics

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Farewell to Silvio Berlusconi, national mourning and state funerals.  Pier Silvio: ‘I could not have done anything alone’ – Politics

Villa San Martino, the residence in Arcore of Silvio Berlusconi, the Forza Italia leader who died yesterday at the age of 86 at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan it is even today a pilgrimage destination for how much they want to pay homage. Yesterday the former prime minister’s coffin was taken to his residence, awaiting the state funeral scheduled for tomorrow at 3 pm in the Milan Cathedral. For the day was also decreed the national mourning, first time for a former prime minister.

THE MEMORY OF PIER SILVIO – “Dear Mediaset, dear all, I feel the need to write to you because I know how important it was for my father to let you know the love and great pride he has always felt for our company and for all of us”, writes Pier Silvio Berlusconi, recalling the father in a letter sent to all Mediaset collaborators. “There are no words to describe my emotion every time he said to me ‘I’m proud of you and what you do’. And I’ve always known very well that he was speaking to all of us: I alone could not have done anything. Nothing He was a man who gave so much, so much, who created so much, and he always considered our company as one of his beloved creatures.

My dad, our founder, has always loved you all, one by one”, adds the CEO of Mfe-Mediaset.
“And now our duty is to follow his indelible mark, work, work, work. With enthusiasm and respect. Today we must look ahead and commit ourselves even more, more and more. We must build an even stronger and more lively Group. We have to do it for Mediaset. We have to do it for all of us. But above all we want to do it for him. I send you a big hug. You are in my heart. And you will always be in his heart,” concluded Pier Silvio Berlusconi.

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Flowers, billboards, Forza Italia flags and AC Milan scarves. Dozens of gifts and memories were left in front of the historic Villa San Martino in Arcore. A large banner with the words ‘Thank you forever president’ appeared this morning on a hedge that runs alongside the villa, signed by the fans of the Monza football curve.

To pay homage to the coffin at Villa San Martino Gianni Letta, Marcello Dell’Utri, Licia Ronzulli and many others.

A commemoration will be held in the Chamber in the Chamber, but the date has not yet been decided. It emerges from the Conference of Montecitorio group leaders which met this morning.

The Senate Hall commemorates Silvio Berlusconi on Tuesday 20 June at 3 pm. The Chamber is suspended for the whole week and will resume on Monday 19 with the general discussion on the Pa

“Silvio Berlusconi was a fighter – said the EP president Roberta Metsola at the commemoration for the death of Silvio Berlusconi, in front of the Plenary – who founded and led the center-right in Italy, a protagonist of politics for generations and contributed to crucial passages in European and Italian history. Never too far from controversy even in this house but everyone here remembers him for his generosity, his courage and his charisma. History will debate the impact of him but the man left his mark.”

The Presidential Committee of Fi approves the 2022 report and the appointments

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The Presidential Committee of Forza Italia was held today which, at the opening, sadly recalled the death of President Silvio Berlusconi. The 2022 report was unanimously approved in accordance with the law and the statute. The Presidential Committee also unanimously ratified the recent appointments made by President Silvio Berlusconi and those concerning provincial coordination and large cities. This is what we read in a note. The meeting of the Forza Italia presidential committee was attended, all via zoom, by Tajani, Barelli, Ronzulli, Gasparri, Mulè, Cattaneo, Barachini, Orsini, Bernini, Martusciello, Fontana, Giacomoni, Baldelli, Cirio, Schifani and Toma.

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