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Fastweb initiatives in 2023, a success of participation

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Fastweb initiatives in 2023, a success of participation

Be personally committed to the environment and society. This is the leitmotif that accompanied many people from Fastweb in 2023 who joined the corporate volunteering project called “Week of the Future”

The initiative launched by the company in 2022 aims to inspire and involve all its people in achieving the company’s environmental and social sustainability objectives by spending 5 days a year of their working calendar on various voluntary activities. During 2023, Fastweb people dedicated Futur Weekor approximately 7000 days.

For the environment protection Fastweb people dedicated more than 1700 days. Many activities were carried out in the area: from the planting of trees in dedicated areas, to plogging, to the cleaning of beaches, parks and woods, up to the redevelopment of urban areas and public spaces.

As regards thesocial area the people at Fastweb have dedicated almost 3000 days collaborating with local associations, bodies and non-profit organisations to the preparation and collection of food and material for the most needy, from warehouse activities to the distribution of food parcels and medicines.

Several Fastweb employees also supported with help centers for children cwho live in disadvantaged situations, offering support in their studies, but also during sports and gaming activities. In the dissemination of digital skillson the other hand, Fastweb employees have dedicated almost 500 days working as teachers of the Fastweb Digital Academy and disseminators at schools, universities, libraries, municipalities, centers for the elderly and charities in support of refugees as well as editors of multimedia content for platforms dedicated to new technologies.

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Finally, Fastweb people were also protagonists of initiatives people empowerment dedicating more than 1800 days to activities to support scientific researchOf jon shadowing e mentoring for associations or universities and organizations supporting people with disabilities or becoming models and testimonials at schools.

Many activities with the common objective of promoting social inclusion and supporting equal opportunities and the introduction, especially of girls, to STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), to help create greater awareness among young people about their future and remove the stereotypes that hold back their ambitions.

The volunteer activities of La Settimana del Futuro will also continue for 2024 and will involve Fastweb people throughout Italy.

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