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FCB reaches the quarter-finals of the Champions League thanks to double packer Harry Kane

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FCB reaches the quarter-finals of the Champions League thanks to double packer Harry Kane

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FC Bayern Munich vs. Lazio Rome: Round of 16 of the Champions League NOW in the live ticker – Goal FC Bayern

39. GOOD! FC BAYERN MUNICH vs. Lazio Rome 1-0! Pavlovic is the initiator of the campaign. He shifts to the right to Müller, who heads back into the danger zone. Guerreiro comes running in there, but he doesn’t catch the ball as planned. Doesn’t matter though as Kane is there to clean up. He heads the ball into the goal. Provedel is still there, but can’t prevent the score being 0-1.

37. But now, out of nowhere, a huge opportunity for Lazio. Zaccagni crosses into the center, de Ligt inadvertently extends his head perfectly to Immobile, who is standing at the second post and is free to head the ball. But he only hits the side netting.

36. The home team continues to maintain the pressure. Lazio can’t free themselves and doesn’t have time to catch their breath.

33. Curious scene: Müller wants to play Pavlovic. However, the pass doesn’t arrive because referee Vincic slips while trying to avoid it and accidentally stops the ball. Bitter from Bavaria’s point of view.

32. Kimmich leads, but hits a cross that is too short, which is cleared with his head. But the action was whistled anyway because of a striker’s foul.

31. Felipe Anderson is too impetuous in the duel against Müller. FC Bayern is awarded a free kick.

29. They are very active at the front, but FC Bayern don’t let anything go wrong at the back either. Only one goal is still missing.

27. Müller shifts to the right to Kimmich, who starts dribbling, gets stuck and takes Luis Alberto’s shoe off when he fouls.

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24. Pavlovic looks for and finds Kimmich, who is again very far up front. He passes it straight on to Müller, who takes the ball in the box and plays to Musiala in the center. His shot attempt is blocked to Guerreiro, who also shoots. Again there is a Roman with his body in between, it was Marusic.

21. Sané’s pass is intercepted by Felipe Anderson, there is an opportunity to counter. Kane is therefore forced to help with his hands and holds him by the shoulder. Foul, but no card.

17. For the first time, Kane shows a bit of himself. He is played on the edge of the box, turns and shoots at goal. The shot flies just wide of the goal, but because a Roman was still on it, there is a corner. FCB is playing a decent game so far.

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